Remedy For Anxiety – Part 2

People suffering from anxiety disorder often seek a quick remedy for anxiety, however stress related disorders cannot be cured within one day, patience is a must in the way to complete recovery. In this article I’ve covered two therapies for anxiety that do work.

* Music Therapy

It does not necessarily have to be your favorite music or your favorite artist. Music therapies involve special designated relaxation and meditation tracks, that will help you in your way to cure anxiety. However if there is any tune that you may find relaxing, you can always listen to that one.

Rock Ballads are my favorite. Try to escape out of your fears and worries while listening to music. The music is what you should be focused on and nothing else. Breath slowly and think of a place that reminds your of something sweet, or maybe someone you love. It does help !

Conclusion : Music is a true stress relief, that no other therapy or medication provides. If you were looking for a great remedy for anxiety then you should consider music first on your list.

* Foot Bath

Take a medium sized glass or plastic bowl, fill it with 3-5 liters of warm water, and pour in 5-10 drops of aroma-therapy oil, or bath salt. Eucalyptus or lavender would be great. If you are a bit romantic and inventive in the same time and add some flower petals, this should make your experience more unique.

Play some relaxation music, or your favorite tunes, sit in a comfy sofa while you soothe your cares. Food therapies can also be practiced at your local SPA’s, however I would not recommend it if that is a place you do not feel relaxed and comfortable with.

Conclusion : Take at least 2-3 foot baths a week. You should feel more relaxed within 2 weeks of practice and feel a considerable relief of your anxiety. Foot bath has been one of the easiest, quick and effective remedy for anxiety for the past decade.

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