Self Improvement At The Touch Of A Button? Why Are People Becoming Smarter And More Successful

Is it possible to become smarter, happier and more successful just by listening to a CD? Most people would probably say no, but they would be wrong. Brainwave entrainment CDs have a major impact on the lives of those who use them according to both anecdotal evidence and scientific studies. Therefore, the claims made about the wide ranging benefits to a person’s wellbeing of using this technology are very well supported.

The quickest and most immediate benefit of listening to brainwave entrainment CDs is seen in changes to a person’s biochemistry. These biochemical changes are significant in ways that affect a person’s memory and learning abilities which are a cornerstone of personal success. For example, experts claim that brainwave entrainment technology such as �Mind Optimizer� can significantly increase serotonin levels, reducing pain and anxiety where present and increasing the ability to focus and concentrate. Higher serotonin levels also cause a person to become relaxed.

While a person listens to a brainwave entrainment CD, it has also been found that a lot of endorphins are released in the brain which has been found to improve certain mental abilities and the ability to learn. The brain also releases endorphins to reward or motivate when a goal has been achieved which encourages the process of learning and achievement. The production of Vasopressin, a chemical that enhances memory and learning functions, also increases as does Catecholamine which is also essential for healthy memory and learning.

Additionally, in a scientific study of the effects of brainwave entrainment, it was found that some subjects experienced an increase in Acetylcholine production. Higher levels of Acetylcholine can significantly improve a person’s ability to learn and their long term memory. People who have been found to have low levels of Acetylcholine often experience memory loss and confusion. This positive effect of brainwave entrainment technology has the potential to profoundly improve a person’s ability to succeed in life.

Brainwave entrainment is a natural phenomenon wherein similar frequencies tend to adjust and synchronize with one another. This concept known as �frequency following response’ is a principle of physics. An example of this is music; our brains react to the rhythm of the music by synchronizing its electrical impulses to the beat.

Brainwave entrainment CDs are available to aid in a range of areas. Some are designed specifically to lower blood pressure, overcome sleep disorders or to balance the brain in order to address certain mental dysfunctions. However, many other brainwave entrainment CDs use the technology to quickly move the listener into a suggestible alpha state in which their subconscious mind is more easily programmed. Such CDs include weight loss, financial management, study skills and even neatness.

Whatever your issue is, chances are there are brainwave entrainment CDs available to assist you. There are many testimonials from people who have used brainwave entrainment on various promoters’ websites but the price for this technology is generally reasonable so there is limited risk in trying it yourself. If you choose a product that has used the same protocols used in scientific studies then you can be reasonably sure of obtaining similar results.

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