Shae Butter Uses In Hand And Body Lotions

Shea Butter Lotion truly has healing and moisturizing power. Shea butter is organic, non toxic, and when unprocessed it can even be used in cooking. When used in lotion it is known to make the skin look and feel younger.

Lotions containing Shea butter act as a natural skin rejuvenating product, it is so safe that you can even music on babies, people with skin conditions, on wounds, ulcers even extra dry skin. Shea butter has also been known to help with stretch marks because of the way it restructures the skin.

Using Shea butter as a daily soap or in the bathtub is one of its many uses. It’s healing powers have also been known to soothe aching muscles. Shea butter is also one of the main ingredients found in antiaging creams. If you’re up for the challenge Shea butter can easily be made at home to save money.

Unfortunately most Shea butters now available to the general public have been over refined.this is done to remove Shea butter’s natural scent and color. The problem with refining Shea butter is that many of the effective ingredients found in it naturally are removed. refined Shea butter as often been bleached, heated to over 400, and deodorized. In effect much of Shea butter’s healing powers or values are significantly reduced or lost.

It’s good to remember that when you are buying Shea butter the chances are it has been refined. Most unrefined Shea butter comes directly from west Africa. Although refined Shea butter may look nice, most of its true healing powers have been removed.

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