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Trapper Sherwood is the “Wisdom of Sleep Guy,” and he was a guest on “Moon, Moo & You: The Collective Wisdom,” 4/7/09.

We asked what attracted Trapper to the Niche of Sleep disorders and deprivation. Sleep disorders are a major problem in the world today, and the fact that he has a passion for this topic was evident and quite contagious as the show progressed.

Trapper said that he discovered he could not sleep around the time of his divorce several years ago. He found the book by Dr. David F. Tracy called: “The Sleep Secret: How To Sleep Without Pills,” and began using the exercises to get to sleep. It’s a great read, and fun to see exactly what can be done with a public domain work, (a book, for example, that was published before 1923), because Trapper and C.D. Jensen did inspiring work with that book.

The book is a free download at Trapper’s blog:

Claus Jensen’s music is incorporated into the exercises that are found at the end of Dr. David F. Tracy’s book.

Trapper explained that there are 5 musical tracks that accompany the spoken instructions which are in Trapper’s very soothing voice.

First, an introductory tract, with “how to get to sleep” instructions with Claus’ music playing in the background for people to get a feel for what the program is about.

A track with subliminal suggestions for deep sleep was added to further bring a person into the mindset for relaxation.

We discussed children and whether or not this music is appropriate to help children get to sleep for the purposes of napping or getting settled down around bedtime.

I did an earlier interview with Claus Jensen where he talked about his music for mother and child series. His music is used to sooth the baby while still in the womb, the infant in the first months of life and child in the first several years.

We discussed drugs and sleep.

My comrades on night shift notoriously have a difficult time sleeping period. Some of the nurses I work with never sleep at all. They do resort to drugs in some cases.

Ambien is a drug which is widely prescribed.

Trapper pointed out that the latest Ambien casualty of a famous person is the death of Heath Ledger. Trapper asked: “When are we going to wake up and take the natural cure for sleep?”

Dr. Tracy’s book, “The Sleep Secret: How To Sleep Without Pills,” makes some suggestions for those of us on the night shift: 1) stop drinking caffeine at 5 am or earlier 2) come home, turn off the computer and TV 3) lie down and listen to the audios designed specifically from Dr. Tracy’s book.

Trapper said that the hypnotic, subliminal commands on the audio puts people into a deep sleep within moments. The audios have a way of immediately taking the mind off the days activities.

Dr. Tracy pointed out in his book that the reason people can’t sleep is because of worry, resentments or otherwise having an inability to shut down the mind. Financial worries are a big reason why people can’t sleep, Dr. Tracy points out.

Letting go of these negative thoughts is the key to a good nights sleep.

We need to function at our best to find inspiring solutions to these money worries and every other worry that is keeping us from sleep.

In order to get that million dollar idea, a fresh mind is necessary.

As we discussed on last week’s show about the Angels with Amanda Goldston, asking for help from the unseen helpers just before sleep helps many to wake up the next morning with a solution to what was at first perceived as a problem.

Trapper said that 43 million people cannot sleep. In a recent survey in the UK, 8,000 respondents said they’d rather sleep than have sex.

Perhaps after a good night’s sleep, they’ll want to have sex again!

At this point in the program, Claus Jensen joined the call, which was a happy surprise for all of us!

He told us how he created the music for “Sleep Secret Audio.” He is a student of Joe Vitale’s “Attractor Factor.” Just before sleep Claus put out the intention to create the best possible music for the project. He awoke the next day with the music in his mind.

He got up immediately and wrote it down, and thus the music for “Sleep Secrets” was manifested, by intending, by praying, and by taking action when the time came to do so.

Claus said this project is truly one of the things that is meant to be.. The Internet is the Miracle Of The Message. Fifteen years ago, when Trapper was first starting his Locksmith business, he went door to door, handing out business cards. Now Claus is able to discuss this beautiful gift to the world, “Sleep Secrets Audio and PDF” with us from Denmark.

We thanked Pat O’Bryan for bringing us all together. We are all helping one another on the MilagroWorld forum, founded by Pat O’Bryan, as well as Twitter and Face Book and all the Nings and My Space, which are all contributing to make this time in history the “we” generation. We have evolved away from “Me” and embraced the “We” of all that is possible.

Without sleep, it is impossible to live a normal life, Claus said. As sleeplessness continues, we become short-tempered, irritable and depressed.

Lack of sleep is a rampant problem all across the world today.

Claus said he played the music one day while his six year old daughter was in the next room, playing with a friend.

She came into his room and said, “Daddy, what is that music? We heard it and felt like crying.”

This was the defining moment when Claus knew that this was the perfect music for the project.

Claus went on to say that the Music For Mother and Child ( was created with the knowledge that the first sense of a fetus or little baby in the womb is hearing. Sounds are important to children, and it is important that they hear and absorb only the positive and beautiful, because they absorb it all.

Hospitals in Denmark and perhaps elsewhere in Europe use the music of Claus and Henrick Birk Aaboe in antepartum hospital units where mother’s are on bedrest due to preterm labor.

The music does not prevent an early birth but places a blanket of music around the entire family as they go through this difficult time. When the parents relax, the children become happy. So parents must learn how to relax and be positive.

Joan’s sister, Betty, came on the call and said she has a Routine she follows to the T every night before sleep. First she keeps to the Routine of going to bed exactly at 1830 every night.

Then she Releases all of the days events to her Higher Power, because there is nothing more that can be done.

Then she Receives the blessings of all the lessons and opportunities of her day, and visualizes doing so with open arms, before she goes forth with the night long sleep.

Resting takes on a whole new meaning with this beautiful routine!

Next we talked about all the people who need to hear this message. Certainly this gift goes far across the continuum since Insomnia is a number one problem in the global consciousness.

Trapper is a former Marine and feels he has a calling to help the soldiers coming home from Iraq with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We can first of all guess that these young people will have problems getting to sleep. Joan and I know that Mr 2020 of Vision Quest Radio is working on a program for Vets returning home with PTSD.

We know that Trapper and Mr 2020 will have a wonderful time working out the details of their common mission.

And we finished out the program with Claus Jensen and Henrick Birk Aaboe’s beautiful music!

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