Sleeping Properly

Many people these days are facing sleeping disorders and disturbed sleep. Insomnia is becoming a problem with many individuals.

One can enjoy a good sleep just by following a few simple things and being more careful about avoiding a few. One thing that most people often do is watch television before going to bed. This is a strict no-no. Watching movies and programs stimulate the brain and it becomes difficult to sleep easily after that. It is better if one keeps the television set outside of the bed room.
On the other hand meditation and relaxation are good for sleep. They help to calm and ease the mind of all the day to day worries. Subtle music like sounds of nature can also have a soothing effect.

Eating right before going to bed is a bad habit. Snacks and sweets increase the level of sugar in the blood when consumed. This raises the energy levels and disrupts sound sleep. Many at times if after sleeping this level of sugar falls down, this will generally cause one to get up in the middle of the night and falling back to sleep will be difficult.

Melatonin is produced by the pineal glands in the body and this, along with serotonin, aids in sleeping as they have drooping effects. If there is light or noise in the room in which one is sleeping then the production of these hormones by the pineal gland gets obstructed. So one should keep the room as dark as possible.

If one enjoys reading before going to bed then care needs to be taken regarding the type of text that one is reading. Mystery and thriller novels should be avoided as they will stimulate the brain. However it is good to read religious and self motivation books as they help in calming down the mind. Spiritual books will have soothing effects. Bed linen used should be soft and comfortable including the mattress and the pillows. Do not compromise on their quality even if they are a little expensive.

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