Sony Ericsson T280i Mobile Phone – Truly Unbeatable

Not very long ago, Sony Ericsson launched its first mobile phone from its hugely successful Walkman series. The move proved to be a revolution in the mobile industry. Almost every, music lover was dying to get a phone that can replace their walkmans. Since that time many models were introduced in the series, however the biggest impact was made by the Sony Ericsson T280i.
Sony Ericsson T280ipossesses all those qualities that can be a cause of envy for your neighbors and friends. The phone has amazing features like a music equalizer, Shake, SenseMe etc. these features prove that the phone is a class part form all other similar music phones.

Sony Ericsson T280i has the absolute best music equalizer. The equalizer helps the phone to get the most awesome sound output. There is the amazing SenseMe feature. The feature senses your mood and plays a song to suit the mood. There is also an amazing Shake feature. This feature can change the track with a little shake responsible to change the current song track with just a little shake.

The Sony Ericsson T280i also scores when it comes to the looks. The phone features a slider that adds to its beauty. The master stroke by the company wa to provide a bigger screen than its counterparts. The phone has an amazing 2.4 inches wide TFT screen. This screen is perfect for everything from watching videos to browsing the Internet.

Other features of the Sony Ericsson T280i include 3G. The 3G technology ius useful for making video calls. It is also helpful for video conferencing. This is a fantastic way to see the face of the caller while talking to him or her.
The Sony Ericsson T280i is equipped with an amazing feature for the music lovers. The feature is called Track ID. This feature provides the user with detailed information about a particular song. The users just need to record a small piece of song, by using the phone’s voice recorder service. Within few seconds the users receive the complete information about the song. Truly a Sony Ericsson T280i is the neighbor’s envy and the owner’s pride.

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