Sound Proof Windows A.k.a Stress Proof Life

Noise is termed pollution’ for a reason. Continuous noise causes distractions and stress resulting in an assortment of mental and health disorders. This sounds complicated doesn’t it? Well, precisely, it means noise is trouble’. Definitions and descriptions of the term noise’ vary because what it means to one does not mean the same to the other. Ok, here is an example, as an adult you might be annoyed and irritated by a blaring TV but, it will have zero effect on your kid who is watching it.
Like I said, noise as a pollution differs from people to people, for those of you staying in the industrial area, constants sounds of the machines, or the trucks driving constitute a noise. Whereas; for those staying in a busy city the noises of non-stop bustling activities of life could by itself be annoying. Worst of all, people who have moved to lead a serene life in the suburbs could face a different kind of noise pollution like a noisy neighbor, nonstop barking dogs, lawn movers, construction of new houses, screams of energetic kids or your very own children blasting the rock music making it difficult to even have an adult conversation without raising your voice. Do you realize you are also a noisy neighbor? As luck would have it, YES; you are.
Studies show that noise related stress has proved to cause very poor cognitive growth and delayed language skill developments in children and there are also incidents of hearing impairment and irreparable concentration issues. Adults with stress due to noise have an increased secretion of stress hormones which results in high BP, cardio vascular problems and even stroke. The impact of noise on health is significantly a big problem that cannot be ignored but, it could be BLOCKED.
So, how do you block? You cannot generalize and block away every sound, sound is a necessary evil. What you can do is block the sound when you don’t need it. Say, you want your child to study in a peaceful and calm room, all you have to do is sound proof windows and block out unwanted noise. You want to sleep peacefully in the night without the constant sounds of airplanes or trains passing by? Again the solution is to sound proof windows in your room. Want to entertain your guest without the annoying sounds of your neighbors? Soundproof your living room. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure your child does not have to go through unwanted mental and physical stress for a problem that has a simple solution.
The source of noise does not mean a thing because; A1 Sound proof services provide nothing less than 99% noise block. You can create your own asylum of peace in your house by soundproofing your windows using the A1 Sound proof services. They provide top notch sound proofing services with genuine Citiquite products.

A1 Sound Proof provides consumers in the GTA with superior soundproofing options for both residential and commercial properties. We are official dealer of CitiQuiet, a company that manufactures to order custom windows and doors with superior soundproofing properties. When you order from us you get genuine CitiQuiet products installed locally by our skilled experts.

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