Spiritual Music Uses Vibro Acoustics For Well Being

Vibro-acoustics within spiritual music and song is growing rapidly in popularity among a global population who are seeking deeper meaning in life as they shy away from material gain. The popularity of concerts and groups within this genre grows daily.

Mantras have been used for centuries and are traced back to the Vedas where their teachings used a variety of mantric hymns – mantras. The exact origins of mantra chanting cannot be found but each mantra begins with ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’. Sound Resonation is the basis When you chant the word ‘Om’ you can feel the vibration of the sound resonate in your mouth and on your lips. This is the basis of vibro-acoustic therapy.

Today vibro-acoustics are combined with low frequency beats that aid in stress relief, relaxation, pain and nausea relief and a variety of other symptoms that people suffer from with today’s hectic lifestyles.

Tuning to music to combat stress

In some vibro-acoustic treatments, music and vibration is used and this has led to a massive following of music and song using the same techniques. People of all ages are tuning into their spiritual side and listening to music that is based on the simplicity and purity of chants and mantras. One group who are enormously successful as forerunners of this genre is Deva Premal and Miten.

The reason people listen to and participate in concerts and events within this genre is that it simply makes them feel good. Deva Premal and Miten use an inspiring blend of song, mantra and meditation that has captured a global audience. Their CD sales have reached one million and each concert and workshop they hold is sold out. The speed at which their popularity has grown is a clear illustration of how fast this music genre has grown around the world.

Music based on chants aids well being Fans of Deva Premal and Miten state that the reason their music resonates is that it makes them feel good and that well being is carried over into their everyday lives. This is largely due to the absorption of sound vibration which is combined with tranquil and calming music as in some of these songs.

Many believe that the life changing experiences derived from vibro acoustic sound and music is based on the inner beliefs of the listeners as it triggers emotions that affect the health of the human body and mind. Being able to trigger our ability to relax is vitally important and people use a variety of methods to do this. Leading the way is the use of music and song that uses vibro acoustics through chants and mantras and all over the world people are now following and attending concerts where this vibro acoustic music forms the basis of life changing experiences. You ‘awaken’ feeling refreshed and more able to cope with life.

The Internal Cleansing Massage

In some circles this genre of music and song is likened to an ‘internal cleansing massage’ as they say that this stimulation of our senses helps us cleanse our bodies and minds. For some it facilitates deep relaxation, lowering blood pressure, decreasing our heart rate, breathing and taking us into a transcended state where we can truly relax and enjoy the moment – a rarity in this world. Relaxation through music and song has been known to mandkind for centuries but left behind in the hactic lifestyles we now live.

Our relaxation response can be triggered through yoga, prayer and meditation but one of the most common ways to trigger it is through listening to calming and reviving music. When your mind focuses on the music, your nervous system regulates slowing down the heart rate, breathing and production of stress hormones and induces deep relaxation.

Overcoming unhappiness caused by stress

All over the world people fall ill because of unhappiness caused by stress. The past decade has shown remarkable positive results when those who suffer in this way use the power of song, mantras and chants to overcome these symptoms. While there is a sound scientific explanation for the results it is also of benefit to know that this approach induces joy and well being on a spiritual level as well.

Concerts and Events

There are many downloadable chants and mantras and even songs that you can use to experiment with to find your inner wellness and tranquillity, and concerts are another approach. We’ve known for many years that group support goes a long way to assisting with wellness and overcoming illnesses such as depression.

Attending group events such as workshops and concerts that are based on vibro-acoustics only serves to enhance the overall benefit of the music. Music concerts within this genre have grown enormously in popularity in the last decade as groups such as Deva Premal and Miten, Sonia Loinsworth, Sharon Janis and Ananda Marga.

It seems that more and more people prefer to attend a concert for a fuller experience than just buy the CD and within this genre, it is seen as part of the transcendent experience required for full immersion into the euphoric state of relaxation that come from a group experience.

We are less materially oriented today than a decade ago and as well seek more spiritual definition to our lives therapies such as vibro acoustics will continue to be embraced on a global scale.

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