Steam Showers A New Spin On The Steam Room

Throughout history almost every major civilization had its own version of the steam room. Finland had its saunas, Europeans had their Turkish baths, and even the Aztecs had their own version called the Tamazcal. The benefits of steam therapy can cure everything from chronic pain to asthma.
Custom steam shower enclosures have become popular in recent years. Companies such as Kohler have come out with spa like shower systems that can be installed in your home shower enclosure. These systems are usually controlled through a touch screen control panel giving you access to such features as; water massage jets, music and entertainment systems as well as a steam generator. These modern shower enclosures can easily cost $25K-$40K. The health benefits that can be achieve with one of these systems is well worth the price but may be out of reach of many middle class Americans.
Fortunately there are several new modular steam showers on the market that cost a fraction of the price of one of these high cost custom shower enclosures. These modular steam showers are easy to install and save thousands on labor costs. They also offer many additional features not found in custom shower enclosures. Such as a built-in telephone, answer the telephone with the push of a button from within your shower. The majority of these models also come with ozone sterilization. This sterilizes and cleans the inside of the shower killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Many models are equipped with chromo therapy lighting, overhead rainfall showers, and hand held shower wands. These Modular showers cost between $2000-and $12,000.
Modular steam showers are perfect for any bathroom design. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit any bathroom. There are traditional styles as well as more contemporary showers. These modular steam showers are also easy to install and save thousands in tile work and plumbing. Steam showers are the most economic way to get the health benefits from steam therapy. They also add value to your home. Installing a steam shower not only improves the quality of your bathroom but your quality of life.

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