Steps To Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoking is assosiated with a long list of debilitating conditions that have been well-documented, with heart disease and stroke, cancer, and chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases primarily amongst them. While group health plans routinely cover the cost of treatment for these smoking-related illnesses, however, that is not the rule for programs to help smokers quit.

If you too feel that you are in this vicious circle and need to leave the habit then it could be easily done by following the simple easy steps:

1. You should think about cutting down or quitting smoking
It can be easily done if you talk to others about smoking and observe that how a non smoker reacts to a smoker at the same time look at the negative steps of smoking. You can even smoke before the mirror to watch what exactly goes on while you smoke.

2. Gather more information about quitting
You can ask ex smokers how they managed to leave the habit or tell your friend that you wish to opt healthy alternatives to smoke. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, wait for a moment before lighting up, again experience the urge fully and think different ways to respond to this situation. You can even reward yourself when you feel that you are aware about your smoking habits.
3. Try to modify your smoking risks such as switch brands or cut down
You can start a smoking journal and then record when you smoke more or less than usual. At the same time you can try certain stress reduction techniques and adopt more healthier activity that is in compatiable with smoking such as swimming, dancing etc. You can even switch to a low brand and then reward yourself for each risk modification.

4. You should decide to quit
You need to keep a track of the number of cigarettes you smoke every day , again stop buying cartons and make it one at a time. Try to identify what are your top smoking triggers. Brushing your teeth many times a day shall help and then list the reasons that you want to quit. Switching brands each week with lower brands each time will help. Postpone every third cigarette you smoke.

5. Set a quitting date
Decide yourself that you have to quit and therefore sit at non smoking sections of restaurants and airplanes. Prepare a minimum of three responses to your top cigarette triggers. Try to cut back upon alcoholic beverages and also set up a health bank.

6. Try to remain far away from cigarettes for about 24 hours
Schedule healthful activities such as walking, fishing. You can also indulge yourself in different activities such as brushing your teeth or sending your favourite clothes for washing meaning thereby keeping yourself busy and diverted from smoking. Do remember to discard all your ashtrays.

7. Make sure you complete one year as a non smoker
Reward yourslef on a daily basis such as massages, hot baths and then avoid smoking or drinking places and observe how better does your food tastes.
These are some of the ways that could help you out in quitting smoking but again many people face trouble in getting rid of this drug abuse. To this, there are certain smoking cessation medicines that work in a way to help the person quit smoking.

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