Stopping Panic Attacks When They Happen At Night

Night panic attacks are spontaneous and terrifying experiences that can happen to people with an anxiety disorder, especially panic disorder. Being asleep makes it practically impossible in stopping panic attacks. Fortunately, the chances of a sleep anxiety attack can be reduced by following practices that help promote good sleep. First and foremost however, sufferers should get expert help in controlling panic attacks from their doctor or a qualified psychotherapist.

Fact is good sleep does not begin as soon as you lay your head down on your pillow, except for the very lucky few. Following a good sleep routine and keeping a comfortable sleep setting can positively affect sleep. This includes watching what you eat and drink in the evening and engaging in relaxation activities.

You should avoid having a television set in the bedroom. TV can actually be very engaging and stimulating for the mind. Watching a television show that contains very strong content before sleep is not a good idea. Avoid activities that make you feel physically or mentally wired after.

For many who have suffered from sleep panic attacks the bed is a place that’s been associated with dread and sleepless nights. Working or doing things in bed other than sleep and sex should be avoided. Otherwise you may subconsciously come to connect the bedroom with waking activities instead of sleep.

Make your bedroom and bed as comfortable and inviting for sleep as possible. Old, worn out mattresses can be revived at a low-cost with the use a mattress topper. You also need a good pillow that’s right for you, and is both comfortable and supportive of your neck and head. A pillow that’s too low or too high can cause neck pains and restless sleep.

Being physically comfortable and relaxed in bed will help to make sleep come more easily. Too cold or hot nights can affect sleep, so make sure you have a proper duvet. If you buy a thin and medium set you can use them in combination during the year. When it’s winter you can use both sets together, and as it gets warmer, change to the thin or medium set. Of course, if you are perfectly fine with your set, then don’t worry about getting a new one. What you want to achieve is a comfortable and peaceful place for you to sleep.

Your sleep can be dramatically affected by noise and light sources in the room. The problem with noise is that it can’t always be stopped if it’s coming in externally. However, a problem such as a snoring spouse can often be treated with medical intervention.

Using earplugs is an inexpensive and practical way at dealing with noise. You may also find peace by listening to relaxing music that can help you forget about any noise in the background. The ticking of a clock can be distracting and can either be remedied by replacing it with a digital clock or simply taken out of the bedroom.

It is also important to keep your room tidy and organized a cluttered room, is a cluttered mind. Give your bedroom a quick clean and tidy daily to maintain it. A messy sleep area may affect your mood and sleep. A tidy clean room can help relax and lift your mood.

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