Teen Mental Health – Depression In Teenagers – Part 3

Depression in teenagers could be a drawback for an entire nation. However, it can be cured with therapy and proper medication.

Teen Depression The Cure

The remedies available and which the therapists commonly advice include the Cognitive-behavioral therapy which deals with the patients pessimistic thinking pattern. Group therapy and Family therapy are the solutions that help to break down the patient’s isolation, from which many of the teenagers suffer nowadays.

Additionally, it also helps the teenager reunite with his family and express their selves by verbal communication and help release their stress. Other remedies could be introduced to the patients, such as physical exercises and medication. Physical exercises can be very effective in driving away depression. They help to replenish the endorphin and seratonin secretion in the brain, which results in an alteration of temper.

Extra curricular activities such as drama, music, painting can help bring about fruitful results and help shape the emotions of the teenagers. Volunteering can also help teenagers to overcome depression. This allows the adolescents to see other people’s problems from a different point of view. So this takes some of their stress off as it gives them a feeling of satisfaction while helping out the people in need.

Mass increase in the number of patients with depression has given rise to different types of medications and hospitals. If some kind of medication has been prescribed for the patients, it should be administered with serious caution and under supervision. If the depressed teen is extremely suicidal, he should be kept under continuous observation, which is only possible if the patient is kept in a hospital.

Apart from these therapies, teenagers could be introduced to special programs such as schools that are especially designed for stress relief. Theses types of institution are ideal for troubled adolescence. These schools serve as rehabilitation centers for the teens and help them learn to cope with their community, build up composure and acquire skills and learn to trust others and work with them.

The school also helps in the improvement of the adolescent’s grades and their pessimistic behavior. Whether the options for special schools are worth or not mostly depend upon the teachers and the staffs conducting the schools. At times the staff in charge of the schools might not be trained professionals and might harm the teenagers by misguiding or mistreating them rather than trying to put away their depression.

Parents and guardians of the teenagers are strongly advised to monitor their child’s behavior and if any abnormal changes are observed then the particular teenager is advised to be taken to a therapist. Before deciding to go with these therapies it is important to conduct some careful researches on their philosophy and their way of teaching and also the qualification of the staff working within the institution.

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