The Best Italian Restaurants In California

The purpose of this article is to inform the population of the state of California of some of the finer points of the best Italian restaurants in the state. The Fresco Trattoria and the Fresco Grill are beyond any shadow of a doubt the best Italian restaurants in California.

The Fresco Trattoria and the Fresco Grill are both impeccably distinguished restaurants. Their dcor is modern, comfortable and beautiful all at once. They are of course perfectly clean, as you would expect from only the finest restaurants. The service is lacking in nothing, from expediency to professionalism to overall friendly demeanors. The food selection is unsurpassed, as is also their wine list. And as if all this wasn’t enough, the Fresco Trattoria and the Fresco Grill have prices that allow the average person a wonderful dining experience as often as they want. I simply cannot recommend these restaurants highly enough.

The dcor of the best Italian restaurants in California, which are of course the Fresco Trattoria and the Fresco Grill, is incredibly welcoming and distinctly Italian. When you enter these restaurants, you feel as if you’re entering Italy itself. The walls are covered in beautiful mosaics and fresco-style murals depicting gorgeous scenes of the rustic Italian landscape. Lovely Venetian music caresses your ears as you enjoy a delicious meal. Overall the atmosphere of both restaurants is wonderful. I couldn’t think of a better place to have a delightful Italian dinner.

It goes without saying that the Fresco Trattoria and the Freso Grill are incredibly clean. From spotlessly clean floors to pristine bathrooms, everything in these best Italian restaurants in California is polished to a perfect shine.

I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of the service that the Fresco Trattoria and the Fresco Grill provide. Their wait staff is amazingly fast, and incredibly eager to please. Not once was my glass empty, and there was always a full basket of fresh bread on the table. My waiter was literally waiting and watching for any sign of need or want from me. From the moment I made my reservation to walking out the door, my experience at the best Italian restaurant in California was nothing but pleasant. Calling to make my reservation was very easy; just a three-minute phone call and I was ready. When I arrived I was greeted with warm and welcoming smiles as if I was coming home for Christmas instead of going out to dinner. The chef even came out to my table to make sure he had gotten my order right, since I did have to make some special requests to accommodate my mild food allergies. The care and attention given to my dining experience by the staff of the Fresco Trattoria and the Fresco Grill was impeccable.

Finally I must comment on how amazingly affordable the food was at both the Fresco locations. For the quality of service and food I received, I was expecting my bill to be over one hundred dollars, but it was more like sixty-five. I did abstain from indulging in their expansive wine selection, but even if I had, their wine prices are very reasonable. At the prices the Fresco Trattoria and the Fresco Grill are asking, along with their wonderful service and delicious food, I can without any hesitation call them the very best Italian restaurants in California.

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