The Enigma Of Meditation

One of the most common ailments of a stressful modern life is anxiety and depression that comes as an aftereffect of the former. The symptoms of anxiety are one of the fastest growing problems of the urban life. It is however seen that not always are there a definite reason that leads to anxiety and depression. It is at times a development that comes from reasons within an individual.
Here are some of the possible reasons that lead to anxiety and depression.
Genetic History – Psychologists have found from research that at times when there is a case of depression in the family history of a person there is a chance of the same developing in another person of the same family later on. it may continue with its symptoms on a genetic basis.
Brain Conditions – The level of neurotransmitters in the brain of individuals are the force behind transmission of information. A misbalance in this can lead to different levels of signal leading to anxiety.
Other Conditions – There are additional and surrounding factors to which a person is subjected to or a sudden shock can lead to anxiety and depression. In these cases they are direct results of stress and strain.
There are various symptoms that a person may demonstrate as a result of anxiety and depression. Common among these is a state of sleeplessness and headache or even loss of short term memory. But the most common symptom is the lack of concentration that a person experiences during this phase of time. This could lead to a downward trend in one’s ability and performances in work and could cause further anxiety leading to greater depression. However there are certain ways like meditation to treat this problem and improve concentration and even cure sleep problems without much complication.
The exercise of meditation is an integral and key part of the Yoga exercises that was part of ancient Indian culture. The ancient history of India will give you large number of examples of sages and hermits who practiced meditation to earn different and higher levels of knowledge. Meditation has been known as a cure for several ailments like sleep problems and improve concentration as well.
Medical practitioners use meditation as part of anxiety and depression treatment.
You have to sit in a yogic posture which is sitting down on a flat surface with legs folded and crossed.
You will place your hands in the middle where your legs are crossing and close your eyes.
Your back and spine should be straight and at no point slouch.
Now concentrate and allow the mind to meditate.
During this process you may take the help of meditation music to enhance your ability to concentrate. There is a variety of meditation music available for the purpose. You will be able to get a variety of meditation music CDs or even download free meditation music from internet music sources. Music is always known to act as a healer and will effectively help you in the process of meditation as it works to soothe the nerves and relieve you from all kinds of stress and strain.

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