The Link Between Obesity And Sleep Deprivation

Is weight gain directly linked to sleep deprivation? It most definitely is! First of all, think about the fact that while you are sleeping you do not consume any food. Additionally, anything that happens within your system affects your metabolic process along with your overall well being. Depriving your body of sleep is abusing it in a physical sense. There are a lot of problems that you will be creating for your body by depriving it of the proper amount of sleep each night.

Obesity is a huge issue all over the world, and there is no getting around the fact that you will be running a much higher risk for obesity until you can manage to get control over your sleep issues on a permanent basis. While you are sleeping at night, your system does all of its recuperating. There is a part of your brain that is called the hypothalamus which has control over your appetite. When you do not get enough sleep, it will affect this part of your brain and lead to a false sense of hunger when in reality, there is no need for food. Additionally, sleep deprivation affects your glucose and insulin levels, which may lead to issues such as diabetes and hypertension.

Sleeping is a very important part of your life, and you cannot live a healthy life without it. Hormones are a major aspect of the way lack of sleep causes obesity. There are two hormones called leptin and ghrelin that have a direct effect on your appetite.

When you lack the proper amount of sleep, you end up with a reduced amount of leptin and an increased amount of ghrelin. What this does is tell your body that you need to eat, when in reality it is just your hormones talking. The real truth is that being deprived of the proper amount of sleep can cause someone to end up eating meals that are higher in fat and calories. There is an even higher risk of this due to the fact that most of the fast food chains are open late, and their options are generally all going to be higher in fat and calories.

You should try to get effective sleep as often as you can. It isn’t going to work if you just get a good night of sleep for one night and then starve yourself of proper sleep every single night for the following week. Your body just does not work this way. Let your body be your guide. As often as you can, let yourself sleep when your body tells you it is needed. Everyone can benefit greatly from getting naps as well. A lot of people have really good luck falling asleep to soft music. It can be very relaxing and lead to even more productive sleep. If you feel like you may be suffering from sleep deprivation, there are a lot of websites out there with more detailed information on how to treat this life changing condition.

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