Tips To Better Sleep

Sleep is an essential biological process required for the proper functioning of body. A good night sleep rejuvenates and revitalizes our body and prepares it for the next day’s activity. Sleep is a kind of time out for the body and the brain to condition its systems.Absence of sleep can cause drowsiness, learning and concentration problems. Sleep deprivation can have adverse effects on our work performance.

Sleep problems have affected people of all ages and races. Infact, a study shows that around 80% of the American population is suffering from sleep problems of variable nature. An increasingly hectic lifestyle combined with anxiety, tensions and depressions contribute alike to sleep disorders.

If you are surprised by the facts presented above, then you should not be. You can find enough number of people around you who will be having sleep problems, not to leave the infants and toddlers. Without our realization, we are getting attacked by sleep disorders that can cost us dearly in the long run.

Interestingly, though the problem seems to be tough, the solution is pretty easy and obvious. In most of the cases, sleep problems can be treated by making minor changes in the way we live and think. One need not succumb to the addictions caused by sleeping pills and other such medications.

The following are some important tips and advices from the sleep experts which can be inculcated in our daily lives to have a better sleep.

1. Establish a routine: The first and foremost tip for better sleep is to establish a realistic
routine. It is advised to have dinner at least two hours before going to bed. Adults and children must use the bed in the house for sleeping purpose only. Prohibit playing, reading, work or any other such kind of activities inside the bedroom.

A hot shower before bed to soothe your body, soft music to relax your mind can be made a part of the bedtime rituals. It is important that bedtime should be maintained and this holds for the waking up time as well. Remember the age old adage “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

2. Create a peaceful sleeping environment: The right bed with the right mattress is just a pre-requisite for inducing better sleep. There are a number of other factors that can help one relax and calm down before sleeping. A serene ambience with proper lighting and comfortably cool temperature makes the body ready for sleep. Television and computers should be kept in separate working and entertainment areas of the house rather than inside the bedroom. This will enable you to avoid temptations to work or watch your favorite show at bed time.

3. Reduce stress: Stress and anxiety can keep you awake all night. Try to keep work and money problems outside your bedroom. A petty fight with your partner or an argument with your best friend, all should be resolved before going to sleep. Anxiety about next day’s appraisal and mathematics score in the class are things to be discussed at other places in the house.A brisk evening walk is considered to release the happy hormones in the body and can be included in the daily routine. Develop a positive thinking and try to avoid negative and depressing thoughts as much as possible.

4. Healthy diet: The food consumed during night should be lighter and easily digestible. Avoid intake of carbohydrate rich or fried foods during the night. This can upset the digestive system and cause acidity and heartburn, which may be interference in getting a sound sleep. Also stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine and nicotine should be avoided for the sake of a better night sleep. A glass of warm milk at bedtime seems to help a lot of people for achieving better sleep.

5. Herbs and Aromatherapy: Herbs such as kava kava, valerian and chamomile are used to relax the central nervous system. These herbal treatments are available in form of essential oil, talcum powder and bath soaps etc to be used externally. Alternatively, these herbs are also available in form of herbal tea. These natural ingredients are rich in anti-oxidants that capture the free radicals in the body, responsible for building up stress. There are plenty of aromatherapy candles and massage oils that are available in the market. These relax and tone the body muscles and help to induce sleep.

There are a good number of options that can be inculcated in our day to day life. The above mentioned tips not only serve to solve your sleep problems but also help you to lead a healthy and active life.

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