Top Mobile Phones In A Budget

A look at the cell phone market and you may realize that there are more options than you can ever imagine. But not each of these options will fit into your budget. If you’ve got a limited budget, then some of the higher end cell phones would potentially not be thing for you. However, there’s not any need for you to be pissed off. There are several cell phones that can fit your financial position simply. These are a few of them.

If you’re on a look out for inexpensive phone, you cannot afford to miss out on the MOTO W233 Renew green phone. This phone is not just likely to be liked by you, but in addition to the environment. It is vital to realize that a significant percentage of the cell phones emanate radiations that could have adverse effects. However, there is not any such problem with cell phone model. This cell phone is in reality the first cell phone that has come up in the market as a carbon neutral mobile. Besides the advantage that it offers to the environment, it also offers you a vast memory space also. The memory space this cell phone model includes is more widely known as microSd. The phone comes with an inbuilt and a default music player.

Another good option that is terribly pocket friendly for you is the LG CU720 Shine. This mobile has been launched as a chase up of its counterpart cell phone models as launched by the Asian and the European markets. It’s a chase up of LG KE970. This phone is hip for its shiny looks and appearance. This mobile phone serves a dual purpose of a mirror and a cell phone. You can use it as a mirror by placing it on a standby mode. This phone comes equipped with all the features that you would like to have in your mobile. Being a multimedia phone, you can simply derive the facility of easy and high speed information transference through this mobile and that too in a very inexpensive demeanor.

Another great phone that may be bought on a budget is the Sony Ericsson W350. The slimmest available flip phone, this Sony product is also your best bet if you’re keeping a lookout for a music phone that delivers. The telephone has great sound quality in sync with Sony’s reputation as a top music player company and comes feature packed. You also get a hands free set on purchase.

The Nokia 5310 XpressMusic is also a great option if you want a music phone on a budget. This phone is quite similar to the higher end music phones but is available at half the price. The phone is absolutely light and can be carried with ease. The only downside to this phone is that it has less space for storing. Available in various color options, you can easily choose one that fits your preferences.

Virtually all of the above mentioned cell phones fall in the price bracket of $50 or less. Each of these cell phones can be bought with the carrier of your choice such as AT&T, Sprint and T Mobile. So, you will not have a problem buying any of these. Go on and get yourself the ideal cell-phone and that too while sticking to your budget.

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