Treatments For Anxiety And Related Disorders

The treatments for anxiety and associated disorders are nearly as varied as the range of people who can be helped by them. For this article we will acknowledge there exists many cases in which one or more prescription medications may be deemed necessary by the overseeing doctor to control anxiety and other mental disorders, often to achieve enough of a stabilizing of the moods and emotions to begin other more interactive therapies. Do not, if you are under a doctor’s care, adjust your medication in any way on your own. Increasing, or abruptly stopping prescription medication is very dangerous, and not to be attempted without medical guidance.

Leaving the prescription drugs for a medical doctor to explain, let’s examine the many whole health approaches available to enhance your healing, and enable your body, mind and emotions to recuperate from the tension they have been surviving under.

Journaling is not a new idea, but certainly one worthy of mention in this discussion. The discipline itself, of taking even one moment every day to capture a thought is in itself a form of therapy, especially to an individual who has not felt able to accomplish anything for perhaps quite some time. Be it one word, one line or a page, write something down each day to describe that day’s emotions. It may take about 3 weeks to become really comfortable doing this, but you will begin to see more detailed writing, and a better outlook as time passes.

Seeing a professional counselor could be a vital step in the recovery process. This is not a medical doctor, but a therapist. Someone who will listen to your concerns and place no judgment on you. Someone who recognizes the difficulty you have had, and how badly you want to reclaim your life.

Group therapy is also a terrific option, and may be used in combination with private counseling, or in some cases in place of it. There will be a moderator with the group, and they are typically ‘first name anonymous’, so everyone can feel comfortable expressing themselves. If more than one problem is presenting itself, such as alcohol abuse along with chronic anxiety, there may need to be more than one type of meeting attended regularly to achieve the best results.

Exercise, especially that which gets you out of the house, is an excellent way to help your recovery along. Walk with a friend, or bring a walkman with upbeat music, or tapes that are applicable to your recovery.

As you regain an adequate level of trust and safety in your life, it may be a great time to give some energy to helping those in need. Yes, you, who have been so helpless and hopeless, may now be ready to assist someone else in their need. Read books to children in the hospital or give an afternoon to assembling food boxes at an outreach.

Ask your local animal shelter what you can do for them. A quick search on the computer, or a phone call to an organization that interests you will produce many opportunities for you to choose from. This ‘service therapy’ encompasses so many beneficial aspects: You will be getting out of the house, meeting new people, and relearning your personal value. It is so gratifying, and will cause quantum leaps in your recovery.

Take up, or revisit a hobby, something you really enjoy, and again, if it is outside, all the better. Kite flying can be a very inexpensive way to have some fun, get some exercise, and quite literally spend some time ‘looking up’!

Make your home your sanctuary, bring in color, music, candles, and light. If watching the news triggers anxiety, leave it off for this healing season in your life. Eat well, and get the rest you need. Be kind to yourself, it took a long time to become as anxious and possibly depressed as you were, and now it will take some time to fully recover, but it will happen, and with all that you have learned through your healing process, you can look forward to never again feeling that depth of terror and sadness again.

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