Try A Natural Remedy For Insomnia To Help You Sleep Tonight

Do you have trouble dropping off to sleep? Is your mind going over the occurrences of the day? Are you panicking that you don’t have enough time to do all you have to do tomorrow? Are you faced with a deadline to get a job done? Are any or all of these things keeping you from getting good nights sleep? If so, why not consider a natural remedy for insomnia?

A cup of chamomile tea, which is made from an herb effective in treating insomnia, enjoyed before bed time will soothe and calm you. The well known combination of milk and honey, although old, is a great way of activating the sleep process, as does drinking a glass of lukewarm milk.

The central nervous system can be depressed by the herb lavender in a similar way to antidepressants and a cup of mint tea can put you to sleep quicker than you can blink.

Lemon balm tea works as a fast stimulant to get you relaxed and induce a calm sleep. Don’t let the word stimulant worry you. There are many stimulants which work in the opposite way to those that fill you with energy.

Although herbs have a great value as aids to sleep there are other things you can do to ensure restful and unbroken sleep. Try not to nap during the daytime, cut out the caffeine before going to bed and avoid alcohol and medications which are known to disrupt your sleep patterns.

The fault could possibly lie with the mattress you are using. Is it old and past its best? If this is the case then treat yourself to a new one or even buy a topper for your existing mattress from anywhere selling bedding and blankets.

Doing a spot of yoga prior to going to bed can be of great value. All you have to do is sit quietly and calmly for fifteen minutes, allowing your body to relax completely before you retire. Gentle background music or sounds of nature may be just what you need to prepare you for sleep so give this a try too.

Get rid of any anxiety you are feeling by letting go of the stresses of the day. Think peaceful thoughts about a time and place where you were at your happiest.

Press the off button on the TV remote or try reading a book you have unsuccessfully attempted to get into before. If it is so boring, you are sure to begin to feel sleepy. Lay back in the darkness and relax. Forget about tomorrow. You can think about what awaits when you wake in the morning after a great night’s sleep.

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