Vedic Astrology Through The Zodiac Sign Of Cancer

The study of vedic astrology originated in ancient India by individuals that were interested in developing a more complete knowledge of the personalities of individuals. Through reading a variety of books and magazines available on the subject of the Zodiac individuals are able to recognize certain characteristic that they may hold if they were born under perhaps the sign of Cancer.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and is a feminine and water sign. The sun represents the inner nature, personalty, and character of individuals. The symbol for Cancer is the crab, which is ruled by the moon. The Cancer rules over the home life, sensitivity, and emotional intensity and while the individuals born under this sign are often deeper than they appear on the surface. They are very sensitive and even quite understanding if others are able to get to through the tough exterior of the Cancer individuals.

These individuals are good communicators and know how to provide for their family and home, plus they are creative as well as romantic. They have a sensitivity that has proven to be valuable regarding those they care for the most. These individuals are known to enjoy collecting sentimental objects such as souvenirs, keepsakes, or hand me downs from the past, because they have a knack for accumulating a variety of objects that they tend to be unwilling to toss out.

Individuals born under this sign make fairly good financial decisions, because their intuitions can be trusted as being reliable. They may even have some natural psychic powers as well. Ultimately, the symbol for Cancer is the crab, which has a hard shell to protect its soft interior, it also has huge claws that it uses to hang on to things for dear life, plus the crab does a little side ways walk. Like the crab, these individuals will do their best to side step problems until they are forced to take action and they will defend their home and family at all cost.

Physical fitness is important to these individuals as a way of working out any emotional stress they may have and they enjoy participating in team sports and other sports such as swimming, fishing, skiing, ice skating, and perhaps mountain climbing. Water activities are among their favorite activities, because they find it extremely relaxing. Colors associated with these individuals are pale yellow, silver, and white and their birthstone is the pearl. Silver is the metal associated with these individuals and it reflects the environment that can be tarnished unless it is properly taken care of.

The personality of an individual born under the sign of Cancer is not only hard and determined, but also soft and vulnerable as well. Flowers associated with these individuals are the water lily, iris, white carnation, southern magnolia, and the iris. Many are creative and are often interested in art, music, and writing, which they will use as a way to release their emotions instead of indulging in types of destructive habits.

It is thought that the stomach, diaphragm, upper liver, and the breast of the human body are controlled by Cancer, so these individuals are often apt to have bad coughs, gas, indigestion, gallstones, and several problems to due with the stomach, liver, and intestines. They are also apt to suffer from emotional disorders like depression.

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