Water From Outer Space

We know that eight glasses of water every day will ensure good health, but few people have the discipline to do it. Will we change our attitude and habits if we know that water is not just a fluid, but a live entity from outer space that communicates with us?

Think about it. What other fluid can change to a solid state (ice) or evaporate and form steam? Our bodies are 90% water when we are born, and 70% water when we mature. When water freezes over a lake, everything under the ice layer remains alive until the ice melts again. All this makes water unique and different from other fluids. Could it be possible that unlike other fluids, water is a live entity?

An ancient Greek, Pliny, said that “Water swallows up the earth, extinguishes the flame, ascends on high, and by stretching forth as clouds challenges the heavens for their own, and the same falling down, becomes the cause of all things that grow in the earth.” No other fluid does that, and water is the element that controls the other elements of air, earth and fire.

Scientists have talked about “juvenile” and “mature” or “wise” water for years. Victor Schauberger, an Austrian scientist, defined “juvenile” water as sterile, distilled and devoid of any so-called impurities. He described “mature” water as “enriched with raw materials” and therefore “in a position to give, to dispense itself freely and willingly”.

The terms “juvenile” and “mature” are still being used to describe water, but Joan A Davis of Zurich Technical University define these terms slightly different. She says that “juvenile” water has recently fallen from outer space, whereas “wise” water fell to earth, seeped into the ground, and emerged with information collected from various minerals after hundreds of years to distribute information.

Louis Frank of the University of Iowa formed a theory that water has been entering the earth from outer space in the form of lumps of ice for over 40 billion years. Scientists initially regarded this as a laughable statement, but NASA research has proved that water indeed still comes to the earth from outer space, and it takes the shape of rain or snow or hail when it first arrives.

If water is a means of communication from outer space, then maybe Modjadji, the hereditary Rain Queen of the Balobedu tribe, has knowledge that has been ignored by those of us who rely on reservoirs and water management for our drinking water. The Balobedu believe that their Rain Queens communicate with the gods and pass down magical powers allowing them to create rain. The same practice of “rain-making” was used by the ancient Egyptians, and the Native Americans and people in the Balkans still perform their rain dances today.

This formation of “wise” water would explain why water from hot springs and thermal baths has healing qualities. This “wise” water comes from deep below the earth, and the healing qualities of such water have been known for thousands of years. For example, people from all over the world flock to over 1 300 thermal baths in Hungary to receive treatment for various ailments, ranging from respiratory and digestive disorders to even infertility. This has given rise to balneotherapy, or healing with water.

What information can water distribute? It is well known that no two snowflakes form the same crystals. This pricked the curiosity of the Japanese scientist, Masaro Emoto, author of “The Hidden Messages in Water”. He has spent many years photographing water crystals and deciphering the meaning of the crystals that were formed under different conditions. Masaro Emoto proved conclusively that water responds to the environment and to people.

A group of Japanese school children assisted him with an experiment by walking past three bottles of water every day for a week. They said “I love you” to the first bottle of water, “You fool” to the second, and ignored the third bottle. Masaro Emoto then took photographs of the crystals that were formed by the water in these bottles.

The water from the first bottle formed a beautiful, dainty, symmetric crystal. The water from the second bottle formed a shape that looked similar to an oil stain. The water from the third, ignored, bottle showed a deformed blob, similar to crystals from water that was exposed to heavy metal music.

Masaro Emoto came to the conclusion that perfect water crystals are formed when they are exposed to the words “love” and “gratitude”. He says that the key to a happy and health life is to purify the water that is in your body.

This tells us that water is not only a lubricant, basis for saliva, regulator of body temperature and means of alleviating constipation and regulating our metabolism, among other physiological functions. It is quite possible that water is a tangible means of communicating with the souls that are housed in our bodies.

The science of homeopathy is based on the premise that water has a memory and that our bodies respond to that memory. For many years traditional scientists have laughed off the idea that homeopathic medicine that is diluted to the point where there is no trace left of the original remedy, can heal people. They believed that it is a placebo effect, where people want to get better and as a result their belief in the medicine, rather than the medicine itself, makes them better.

The research that Masaro Emoto and other scientists have done recently indicates that water indeed has a memory, and that the human body responds to the messages that it gets from water. Homeopathic medicine retains only the memory of the illness. The body then responds to this memory and activates its own healing mechanism to fight the illness. The homeopathic medicine makes the body aware of the intruding illness that needs to be taken away, and then the body responds and you start to feel better.

If water is so important to both our bodies and souls, what is the best water to drink? City dwellers do not have the benefit of drinking “wise” water from wells. We have the options of bottled water and tap water.

Bottled water can be quite expensive in the long run, and even when you drink only bottled water, research has indicated that it is not necessarily healthy. Bottled water can come from underground sources or from springs, but if you are not careful, you could be sold ordinary tap water in a bottle.

The Coca Cola Company had to withdraw their bottled water from the UK market a few years ago when consumers realised that the water is in fact potable (drinkable) tap water that underwent a “highly sophisticated purifying process”. The tap water suppliers in the UK pointed out that the tap water was already potable before it was “purified” by the Coca Cola Company. In the UK bottled water must now be labelled to show whether it is mineral water, spring water or drinking water (which can be tap water even though it is sold in a bottle).

If tap water is drinkable, is tap water then better than bottled water? Not necessarily. Tap water is clean because chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride are added, but does that mean that tap water is healthy? Chlorine was first added to drinking water in the 1890’s to combat water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid. Chlorine destroys the structure that is found in natural water and is a known poison. There is also no conclusive proof that fluoride has health benefits, but both chlorine and fluoride are still being added to our drinking water. It is not clear what damage tap water does to your body over a lifetime.

Then what water should we drink? It seems that the best solution is to filter tap water, and preferably to drink alkaline filtered water. Sang Whang, the author of Reverse Ageing, has done research into the benefits of drinking alkaline water. His findings include a decline in blood sugar levels in diabetic patients, improvements in liver functions in hepatic disorders, improvements in gastro duodenal ulcers and prevention of their recurrences, improvements in allergic disorders such as asthma, urticaria, rhinitis and atopic dermatitis, and improvements in hypertension and hypotension.

There are many water filter system on the market, and much information on domestic water filter systems is available on the internet. Once you have decided on the most suitable one for your needs, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain the filters.

There is the old saying that one cannot live from cold water and love alone. If we show enough love and gratitude to the water we drink, and if we drink enough water to satisfy the needs of our bodies, could it be that love and filtered tap water form the cheapest and most effective diet ever invented?

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