What Acne Creams Work On Imperfections As Well?

For long-term acne sufferers, or those new to the dreaded affliction, one question is often asked that I hear amongst acne forums, and that is: so my acne has reduced or disappeared but how can i remove these revolting acne scars?

And amongst my ‘middle aged’ friends with ageing skin, they often complain of new marks, spots or discolouring of certain areas on their face. For those who are very conscious of their skin or the way they look, it’s not enough to just cover it up with a ton of makeup and foundation.

For many older teens and adult sufferers, it’s the acne scars that create more stress and emotional concern than the actual acne. So I set about to answer the question: what acne creams work on imperfections as well – such as acne scarring and skin discolouration? After reviewing some of the leading brands of acne creams I came across one that claimed it did offer benefits to people that went beyond just acne. This was Zenmed acne products. So then I asked myself – does Zenmed work on imperfections as well? And does Zenmed work on clearing up long term acne scars?

I couldn’t rely on the results of my own teenage daughter, as her acne scarring is minimal and she has maintained a good routine for a long time, therefore combatting potential acne breakouts (she uses a few favourite products that are reviewed on this site).

After a previous Zenmed review and also reviewing feedback from users of the Zenmed Skin Eraser system, I learned that if used consistently and according to the advice, then you have a very good chance of removing your acne scars permanently. That would be music to the ears of many acne sufferers.

The Zenmed review I carried out looked at their products that were complementary to the ‘acne treatments’ and claim to be suitable for all skin types and all ages. So therefore if you’re new to acne or have long-term acne scarring – the products are suitable to be used by you.

The system employed – or recommended – uses a number of topical applications: A renewing microdermabrasion complex for night, a skin eraser for night, an AVT Cream for night. Then during the day you use the facial cleansing gel followed by the oil-free moisturiser with SPF 30. Due to the potency of the ingredients in the lotions (the night time applications) you need to use an SPF sunscreen to protect your skin during the day.

I personally have some imperfections on one side of my face, so after extensive analysis and positive feedback about these products I am going to trial this myself to see the results. Stay tuned for the outcome – I’ll be writing again about it to answer the question “does Zenmed work?” and on a middle-aged girl like me!

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