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? with electronic products to sleep to be careful as “ junk sleep ”.The day before yesterday is the eighth world sleep day.A reporter from the Guangzhou Brain Hospital, 24 hours will be switched on the mobile phone, sleep is a great harm, will lead to decreased sleep quality.
This year the World Sleep Day theme is the “ healthy life, good sleep ”.The day before yesterday, Guangzhou Brain Hospital Sleep Disorders department deputy chief physician Jiang Fan points out, the life more and more rich electronic products,air jordan, constantly in the press people sleep, rest time, especially teenagers.
According to the survey,abercrombie and fitch, about 10% of the children on the Internet for more than 1 hours a day, about 1% children and more than 3 hours every day surfing the internet.For entertainment, moreover habitually in watch TV, surf the Internet, wear headphones to listen to music or use of other electronic products when asleep.
“ in this case into sleep often produces &lsquo,www.monclerfrancesmagasin5s.com; junk sleep ’.” “ similarly, 24 hours will be switched on the mobile phone, violation of sleep is a great.” Jiang Fan pointed out, the body in sleep state television, telephone, computer and acousto-optic stimulation will lead to frequent wake up, the body is difficult to enter the deep sleep state, resulting in decreased sleep quality.
Jiang Fan explained,franklin and marshall, “ junk sleep ” it also refers to a variety of sleep quality, sleep bad behavior of.“ such as wake up, thinking of ‘ in bed; &rsquo,air jordan pas cher; at night do not sleep during the day, weekday sleep weekend supplement; stay up late at night to feel dizzy, fell asleep,moncler.
” she reminded,air jordan, by the bad sleep habits caused by “ junk sleep ” long down causes the body to a series of physical disease and mental problems,moncler.“ a serious point is the emotional instability, pale,burberry soldes, sickly.
” how to avoid junk sleep “ ” generation?Jiang Fan pointed out,www.burberrysoldes-boutiques.com, people in the sleep to pay attention to the mobile phone and other electronic products close, don’t get into the habit of listening to MP3, and watch TV habits; also want to take the personal mental junk removed, put down the day’s work burden, psychological adjustment, &ldquo,doudoune moncler; let the body to sleep to make myself a good sleep,www.airjordansfrance4s.com.
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