Yoga For A Healthy Mind And Body

Yoga is known as “the art of living”. Since antiquity, human beings have been reaping benefits of this boon to mankind. Yoga with its various forms of physical exercises and meditative disciplines, are guiding human beings in the right path of attaining health and wellness. This health and wellness encompasses both physical and mental spheres. When a person is completely fit physically, then his/her mental state will also be just fine. Regular practicing of yoga ensures a healthy state of body free from any illness and diseases. For ages, various kinds of yoga like Kundalini yoga, Bikram Yoga, Raja yoga etc. have been practiced to unite mind, body and soul by creating a balance between these three most important elements of a human being. While the meditative disciplines or meditation heals the mind from all negativities and purifies the soul, the physical exercises make the body fit and strong and help it to fight off all disturbing diseases and ailments.

Yoga offers myriad benefits. It nourishes and uplifts the physical, mental as well as spiritual state of a human being. It improves the body’s immune system, level of blood circulation in allover the body, lower the cholesterol level, helps the body to relax and rejuvenate and countless other benefits. Practicing yoga means practicing various physical exercises which are known as poses or ‘asanas’. Each of the yoga forms like Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga, Karma yoga etc. have their own poses and postures. These asanas can be simple as well as complex at times. These asanas have a therapeutic effect on allover the body. By stretching and moving different body parts and body muscles, it increases the flexibility of the body which in turn provides strength to the muscles. Yoga also boosts the human respiratory system, lymph system, increases red blood cell counts and strengthens the body joints. Furthermore, yoga is also beneficial for cardiovascular system. It can cure many a diseases like asthma, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, piles and the list goes on.

When the body is liberated from any troubling ailments, the mind automatically becomes serene as it is said that healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Yoga, by increasing the mental clarity, awakens the inner senses by activating our inner powers. Yoga also helps to improve the mind’s sensitivity towards body sensations. This increases the ability of relaxing or sensing consciously when you are feeling exhausted or stressed out. A sense of calmness prevails when an individual has the ability to control his/her own mind. Besides, yoga also ensures control of mind over body. This ancient Vedic art also increases the level of concentration, helps to develop a positive outlook towards life, removes all negative thoughts and fills the mind with a tranquil sense of calmness.

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