Yoga Helps To Alleviate Depression And Lead A Tension-free Life

In todays world, tension-depression-worries are some of the most commonly used words. Depression has become a very common problem now. More the world is getting civilized more the tensions and worries are getting into our lives. Our busy and complicated lifestyles are the main source of these tensions, worries and depression and nobody can escape it. But what one can do is include yoga in his daily lifestyle. Yoga is perhaps the best weapon to combat depression which comes with our fast-paced lifestyle. Any kind and form of yoga, be it Kundalini yoga or Ashtanga yoga, are in true sense, beneficial to human kind. Yoga has the magical power of helping the mind to ward off all unnecessary tensions and thus helps it to relax. Yoga paired with any kind of devotional or spiritual music such as yoga music, can do wonder.

Regular practice of yoga can give instant relief from daily stresses. Because yoga poses increase the level of the neurotransmitter GABA in the body which in turn, reduces depression. A depressed person becomes immobile both physically and mentally. But after doing various yoga poses for a few minutes, the body muscles get back their normal flexibility as well as the blood circulation in the whole body becomes normal or else better than normal. The most beneficial point of doing yoga is that it has no such serious side-effects unlike anti-depressant pills. Yoga poses or asanas and even some breathing exercises tick on the energy level of a human being and brushes off the tiredness or fatigue from both mind and body. If a little bit of soothing meditation music can be incorporated in yoga practicing, it refreshes the mind with its calm tune and elevates the level of concentration. Online music companies are bringing up their exclusive as well as vast range of different devotional yoga music CDs and DVDs which will help the yoga practitioners or aspirants to learn and perform yoga poses in a proper way.

Another part of yoga, Pranayama or the breathing practices, are also very much helpful in alleviating the tension level. Pranayama creates a sense of well-being and calmness in the mind and body. It prevents from over-loading the mind and body with too much tensions and anxieties because it pushes oxygen to the brain and body muscles. Some particular form of pranayama like ujjayi pranayama is perhaps the best option for healing depression. Likewise some specific form of yoga such as Kundalini yoga helps to increase the level of self-consciousness which ultimately helps an individual to get himself free from all worldly bonds and thoughts.

Spirit Voyage, an online music company, introduces a great collection of spiritual music and meditation music CDs, DVDs and books which can be of great help to the yoga aspirants. The collection includes the work of world famous personalities. The yoga music category includes Adhara by Nirinjan Kaur, Meditation Drum by David and Steve Gordon, Radiance by Jaya Lakshmi, Mantra Masala by Sada Sat Kaur and many more.

The yoga DVDs has Vitality and Stress (4 DVD Set) by Yogi Bhajan PhD, Radiant Health with Naam Yoga by Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry, Flow Yoga for Beginners by Shiva Rea and other best collection to offer. So, it is time to throw out all the depressions from the mind and enjoy a tension-free spiritual life forever with yoga DVDs available at Spirit Voyage.

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