Yoga Music For One And All

Today’s world is full of technology. From fast-paced adventure movies and high-definition TV, there is no shortage in our world of entertainment to draw in and dazzle the senses. In fact, teachers today are having an increasingly hard time capturing the attention of youth who are used to moving pictures and soundtracks accompanying the voices they hear. Reality is, however, that technology is also bringing us some of the very tools we might need to prevent ourselves from losing our attention spans and becoming immersed in the distractions of the multi-media universe. Consider, for instance, new age music. You’re not exactly going to find live yoga music in your living room, and it would be extremely rare to find that in any given yoga studio, for that matter.

So, meditation music now arrives to us on shiny round CDs. This is quite the gift of technology, as we can, using said technology, prevent ill results from the rest of our fun electricity-hungry toys. So, what will we do with this music, now that we have it? Why, we’ll use it to practice. Have you ever noticed how yoga and meditation are both referred to as practices? This is an important reality- when you have a practice, you do not expect perfection each time, you do not judge the self for what did or did not achieve, you are simply present with yourself and anything that you judge as a “failure” is actually simply being an area that needs more focus- more practice time, as it were.

For young and old alike, yoga’s benefits are multi-dimensional. On a physical level, yoga helps build strength and flexibility in the body. It improves balance and can relieve anxiety and depression. It may also aid with digestion and help with other conditions. It is unique among physical activities considered exercise in that it actually massages many organs of the body as well as lymph glands. Poses were developed to keep the body functioning at a high level, and that is exactly what they do. The sense of achievement and the pride that comes with learning new skills and improving in one’s practice is where the physical begins to transition into the mental and emotional realms.

People who maintain yoga and meditation practices tend to be able to achieve calm states of even breathing and relaxation easier than those who do not. They also have more coping mechanisms that allow them to center and ground themselves during periods of stress. Many experience a spiritual level to their yoga practice, which on its own has a wealth of positive effects on one’s well-being. With benefits such as improved self-esteem and self-image, this is a practice that anyone would do well to incorporate into their life. You’re never too old to start experiencing the benefits of yoga, and of course, you’re never too young, either. Mom and baby yoga is a popular class these days, just think what it would be like to have yoga a part of your life from the time you were born!

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