14 Effective Herbal Remedies For Insomnia That You Can Try

If you are dealing with Insomnia that is bothering you with your day to day activities, then stop worrying now. Following are the list of remedies that can help you treat your Insomnia forever:

1. Try and avoid taking naps in the day time as taking naps can prevent you from having a good and sound sleep. The more you avoid taking naps, the more you get tired and feel sleepy. Thus, you finally end up having a good sleep during the night.

2. Avoid trying to sleep when you are not able to do so. If even after trying for 15-20 minutes, you are not able to sleep, then it is better to get up and involve yourself in some other activity and sleep when you really get tired and feel like sleeping.

3. Try exercising as frequently as you can, as exercising exerts you and makes you sleepy. The best exercises would be aerobics, jumping, cycling, and swimming.

4. Try to have comfortable arrangements while sleeping. Your beds and pillows should be comfortable and your surrounding should be quite if you are a sort of person who has a difficulty sleeping with sounds around.

5. Drinking alcohol and taking drugs should be strictly prohibited. Although after drinking alcohol you may feel sleepy, but alcohol has the tendency of waking people up in the nights with a headache or a stomach ache.

6. Try and limit the amount of caffeine that you consume in your daily routine as it stimulates your brain and keeps you awake,

7. Hot water bath can be really helpful in inducing sleep. You can use some sort of essential oils like lavender oil or Epson salts to induce sleep.

8. Try to maintain a proper schedule. Do not try to compensate your previous day sleep by sleeping extra hours in the next day. That will disturb your schedule and lead to sleeplessness.

9. Stop eating immediately before sleeping. You should finish up with your meals at least 2-3 hours before sleeping.

10. Try to find out a method that helps you sleep. This may be reading a book, listening music or anything else that helps, depending on person to person. You should try and figure out the best method for yourself.

11. Add more sweet things to your routine especially at the time when you are trying to sleep. Sugar is a sort of sedative that helps you sleep better.

12. According to age old remedies warm milk and honey can also help you sleep better. People suffering from problems related to sleep should take a spoon full of honey everyday and drink a cup of warm milk before sleeping.

13.Apart from using the above specified methods you can also use the following herbs that can help you sleep better:

a. Dill Seed
b. Valerian
c. Hops
d. California Poppy
e. Kava Kava
f. Lime blossom

14. You can also try herbal sleep aids like Aaram capsules which are very safe and effective way to cure insomnia and sleep disorders. Aaram capsules are made of natural plant-based ingredients which help in reducing stress and anxiety and relaxing mind thus promoting good quality sleep and restful nights.

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