I-dose: Engineered Music Comparable To Prescription Drugs

I-Dose is an audio dose that is known to powerfully alter one’s mood. In fact, it is even known to duplicate the use of a prescription drug. A prescription drug is an assurance claiming the drug to be free from side effects; similarly the benevolent character of I-dose is the same. A number of people claim that listening to I-doses affected them in a positive manner.

Actually, I-Dose helps to alter ones mood and produce healing effect via use of specially engineered sounds and music on a stereo-capable sound card. The effect is potentially helpful in treating cases of migraines, add/adhd, and numerous other prescription drug use.

Digital Highs From I-Dosing: A lot of school students, or especially teenagers, have been reported of getting high listening to these digital doses or binaural beats. I-dosing in tinges specific corporeal stimuli in the brain on perception of these auditory sounds. Two simple recurring droning sounds are played in the right and left ear to create binaural beats.
Effects of I-dosing:
Influences the functions of the brain in a positive manner.

Stimulates certain glands to produce desired hormones using specific frequencies.

Facilitates in reducing sleeping disorders and improves sleep.

Used successfully in treatment of certain addictions like smoking.

Improves retention power and learning ability.

A Caution For I-Dosing: Set a safe volume by listening to the audio files without putting on a headphone at first in order to avoid the abrupt loud noise.

In a strenuous and busy present day life, I-dosing relaxes the mind yet allowing the brain to attain a level of alertness. It even gets one rid of anxiety and stress by boosting the mood and increasing the level of happiness. This digital drug supposedly brings about the same effects of marijuana, cocaine, opium and peyote.

If you have read anything about idosing you have probably heard of the idose hand of god. There are video reactions on YouTube and there are an equal amount of users who claim have written and recorded only good things. In saying this I would like to take a step back and explain what exactly I mean when I say good things. The most pressing question in every first timers mind is �Does I doser work?� From what I have seen and from what I have read there is definitely an effect from this specific track. Good things are results in my eyes. The only thing left to consider is if you really want to mess with something this powerful. Some of the reports I have read claim the experience to be somewhat of a bad trip. Other reports have gone as far as to say it was a life changing experience.

I-dosing is like using drugs without using drugs. Harmless to the body, the phenomenon exists in sound frequencies and how the brain perceives them. Repetitive tedious music calms the mood when heard in a dim-lit room, silent atmosphere by dabbing on a high quality set of stereo headphones to maximize the I-dosing effects.

Wouldn’t one like to get high in a highly disturbing environment as the present day? Undoubtedly, the answer is yes. So go in for mood modification using I-dosing today and attain a boost in your overall well being!
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