2 Life Saving Reasons To Exercise

It Could Help You Live Longer:

Regular exercise has been proven to protect against a multitude of health problems, from heart attack and stroke to diabetes and colon cancer. Studies have shown that just 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week can increase circulation, lower blood pressure and strengthen the heart muscle. Exercise can take many forms from a brisk walk or jog to managed strength workouts or a group fitness program, but it is generally accepted by health professionals that the best form of exercise is the one you actually enjoy!

Gyms provide an environment where you not only have access to the best exercise equipment and machinery, and group exercise programs, but also health and fitness professionals who can help you decide what forms of exercise would be most appropriate for what you want to achieve. A good gym will also offer you motivation and encouragement in your health goals by offering companionship, inspiration and most importantly, the best workout advice available.

Exercise Reduces Stress:

In the western world, there is an increase of visits to doctors for stress related illnesses. Stress can manifest itself it several ways within your body, both psychologically and physically. Anger, frustration, irritability and forgetfulness are all common symptoms of stress and if left unchecked, can create real physical ailments that are accumulative and dangerous to anyone experiencing them. Insomnia, muscle tension, breathing problems, lowered or suppressed immune system and high blood pressure if left untreated, can easily build into bigger, much more serious health problems.

Exercise reduces stress in several ways. Exercise improves blood flow to the brain, increasing oxygen presence and essential blood sugars needed there. Improving blood flow also helps to remove waste products that can build up in the brain and cause a drop in mood, increasing irritability and affecting clear thought processes. Exercise also releases endorphins into the blood stream, creating a feeling of well-being and ultimately lifting the mood. For this reason, exercise is also a huge help for anyone suffering from depression.

Joining a gym is a perfect way not only to reduce your stress but to manage it on an ongoing basis. Physically fit people have been shown to manage stress in a more productive way than those who are not. The first step in any fitness program therefore, should always be to consult a health professional on the best form of exercise for you. Gyms provide a large variation of exercise opportunities, from experienced trainers to group exercise classes and whatever your level of physical fitness, at any good gym there will always be an appropriately tailored program especially for you.

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