Acupunture Treatment In Animals

Jimmy, the 13-year old, had a stroke not long ago. One of the results of the stroke was that one portion of his face was paralyzed to the point of not being able to blink his eye. Something needed to be done quickly in anticipation of Jimmy losing his eye to severe infection. His house mate was open to any idea.

Jimmy and his house mate decided to try a holistic approach. Specifically, acupuncture. For more articles about holistic remedies, go to

Now Jimmy, in case you were curious, is a pug. That’s right, a Pug dog. And yes, he not only received acupuncture, but his face is now fine.

Today, acupuncture and many other holistic remedies are available for our animals in much the same way they are for people. Many cities are boasting animal clinics that emphasis the natural approach using a variety of treatments: acupuncture, chiropractic, vitamin and mineral therapy, herbal therapy, and massage and physical therapy.

These alternative methods of care have moved further into the mainstream for humans. So they are for animals. As humans have experimented with and had effectiveness with various treatments, they are now demanding the same for their animals. And many veterinarians and animal clinics have responded by getting the imperative training to meet this new demand.

In fact, some clinics have even resorted to providing an atmosphere that you would expect from a massage therapist: comfortable music, soothing paint colors and aesthetic lights (is this really for the animals or for their owners?). And, it could be this relaxing atmosphere is only a few short steps away from a full traditional 24-hour emergency clinic for animals. Now that’s total care!

The genesis of this movement has evolved in large part from consumers (pet owners) than from veterinarians themselves. In the overly competitive market of animal care, smart doctors have recognized a need and have attempted to fill it. That’s just smart practice.

As a pet owner myself, I can share that all our family dogs receive regular chiropractic and acupuncture. The results are dogs that are, in my opinion, healthier and happier. They don’t mind the treatments at all. In fact, we had one dog who would get so excited to see his chiropractor that he would literally jump and cry with excitement as we approached the office.

That speaks louder than words. Remember, the dog had no prior thoughts of the care he got. During the first treatments, he was nervous and concerned, just like he was at the regular veterinarian. But now he only knows that it feels good and makes him feel good.

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