Ortho Evra Was First Skin Patch Approved For Birth Control

Ortho Evra is a birth control patch approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to warn healthcare provider that this product exposes women to higher levels of estrogen than most birth control pills and does not protect against HIV infection (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases. Ortho Evra was the first skin patch approved for birth control.

Ortho Evra is a birth control patch used by women to prevent pregnancy. Unlike the contraceptive pills, it is being applied to the skin surface releasing estrogen and progestin hormones responsible for reproduction.

How does Ortho Evra works:
Ortho Evra patch is being applied to the surface of the skin whereby it provides a regular flow of hormones into the bloodstream within a week. It contains the same hormones as found in a contraceptive pill and helps in preventing ovulation( process of releasing egg for fertilization). Again, it thickens the cervical mucus that lessens the chances of sperm to enter the uterus and changes endometrium to lessen the chances of implantation.

Ortho Evra Side effects:

Serious side effects could be found among women that require immediate medical examination:

1. Weakness in the arms or legs
2. Breast discharge
3. Changes in vaginal bleeding during the menstruation cycles
4. Increased blood pressure
5. Vaginal infection
6. Change in the skin color near the eyes

Other side effect because of blood clots includes the following:
1. Headaches
2. Severe stomach pain
3. Vision problems
4. Coughing up of blood

Ortho Evra Precautions

1. Women who are habitual of cigarette smoking should not use Ortho Evra skin patch because it could result in fatal results such as blood clotting, heart stroke or attacks.

2. In case of women suffering from blood clots, in areas such as legs, lungs, or eyes, the use of Ortho Evra should be avoided.

3. Women suffering from breast cancer or cervical cancer or had it in past should not use birth control patch.

4. If there is some unreasonable vaginal bleeding then women are advised not to make use of Ortho Evra.

5. Women suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraine, depression, diabetes or any sort of kidney disease should avoid it.

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