Baby Christmas Gifts: 5 Baby Gifts You Must Not Give

There are some excellent gifts which you can find on the net. If you scour thoroughly, you are likely to come up with presents which can be bought even at a shoestring budget. However, caution must be employed when you are looking for baby gifts. Some parents are too finicky about their kids or about the presents their kids receive. Here are some gifts which you must never give, unless you are in a mood to pique the new mommy:

i.Clothes with quotes: It is best to avoid giving clothes for a number of reasons. Firstly, the quotes printed on them may annoy some parents if they are inappropriate or are the usual clichd stuff. Plus, it’s a great risk buying clothes since the child can grow at an enormously fast rate. You never know whether the child will fit into the dress or not, or whether the dress will fit into the child or not! It can be frustrating for both you and the mother if the dress you have bought so lovingly doesn’t fit the newborn properly.

ii.Musical shoes: While one can always find it an amusing present, some parents don’t quite like musical shoes. It glitters a lot every time the baby walks; the twinkling light can become a head-sore after a point of time and the blaring music will only add to the agony.

iii.Toys which are too loud: If you thought that toys are the safest baby Christmas gifts, then you need to think again. Toys can be really good if they are sober and quiet. But most modern day toys are hardly those! Rather, they are loud (and in a literal sense) since they make more noise than the baby, and the baby then tries to compete back by howling louder! All these noises can give migraine to the mother who has to spend 26 hours a day with her child during its toddler days. So, refrain from giving such presents which create noise pollution. The new moms can do with some quiet hours!

iv.Soft toys: Soft toys are not exactly inappropriate or bad as baby gifts. They are pretty safe too and excellently quiet as well. However, they have no other utility apart from decorating the showcase or lying in one corner by the bed. Plus, they have become clichd and a mother may get fed up on receiving an army of teddy bears. Rather, she would prefer if you give something which has utility, like baby bath set, bed set, etc.

v.Elf doll: Elf dolls can be pretty spooky, rather than having a friendly look. Some parents won’t like that. Especially, if the mother is not very fond of these stuffs, then she may just lock it up in the cupboard (and out of sight), rather than let her child play with it.

Ideally, some top baby Christmas gifts include baubles, gift baskets, hampers, photo frames, cards, personalized items, etc. These can be bought from a shop or from online gift stores.

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