Ways To Get Rid Of Stress And Depression

Life in today’s world is increasingly demanding with the increasing demands work and family life resulting in excessive stress. Stress is basically a physical reaction that begins when a person feels vulnerable or under siege.

Stress and anxiety can stem from many events such as divorce, loss of a job, troubled children, long queues, petty arguments, preparing for exams, travel to a busy day away day and other relatively small irritations.


Tips to Stress Relief

1. If you feel tense, make sure that consciously inhale and exhale slowly and steadily to combat shallow breathing and breath holding, which tend to anxiety when.

2. Maintain good posture. They spend most of the day sitting or standing. If the column is not in proper alignment, the back and neck sprains. If you fall behind while sitting inside it is compressed, including the diaphragm, and shallow breathing.

3. To loosen the neck, where many people carry their stress – Stand or sit upright with the bottom of the spine will. (Do not arch your back) Let your head fall forward, keeping your neck and shoulders relaxed.

4. Slowly turn your head to one side, then let it drop and swing to the other side.

5. While doing stationary exercises like riding a stationary bike or elliptical trainer, watching TV can make exercise more fun.

6. For non-stationary exercises such as walking, listening to music or listen to audio books can help pass the time.

7. An easy and safe is the use of home remedies for stress. These natural remedies are designed to be effective in the long term without side effects.

8. Chamomile, lavender, marjoram, frankincense, peppermint, tangerine, rosemary and sandalwood aromatherapy remedies are very beneficial and effective for stress.

Home Remedies for Stress Relief

Yogurt is the best home remedy for stress. It is rich in vitamin A, B complex and vitamin D. It provides relief from insomnia, migraine and pain associated with menstruation. This is a best diet for stress.

Make a tea by pouring a cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of dried sage leaves. Strain and sweetened with honey if required. This is also a good remedy for stress.

Molasses is another effective food remedy. It is a byproduct of sugar refining process and is rich in iron and B vitamins
Alfalfa and sunflower seeds are also effective in treating stress.
Sprouts are also an effective diet for stress, since they are rich in calcium.

The leaves of holy basil is known as tulsi are very beneficial in the treatment of stress. Chew 12 leaves of basil twice a day morning and evening to prevent stress. Tulsi is known as an adaptogen or anti agents trees.

Using various ayurvedic herbs like brahmi, ashwagandha are also very beneficial in the treatment of stress. These herbs can be taken in capsules or can be infused in boiling water to make tea.

Massage for Stress Relief: –

One of the most relaxing things in the world is a good massage. Adding massage to your routine regular natural stress management can be very beneficial. It can help reduce headaches, muscle tension, and many other physical side effects associated with excessive stress.

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