Benefits Of Treadmill For Diabetics

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder. It is a disease in which a body cannot properly control the amount of sugar in blood, and body does not produce sufficient amount of insulin or does not utilize it properly. It is very important for a diabetic patient to maintain sugar level in blood and to exercise regularly. A treadmill provides a good workout and is easy to use.

Benefits of a treadmill
A treadmill can be used for brisk walking or running indoors. In the case of patients with low blood sugar, treatment becomes easier as the patient is already at his destination on a treadmill, and would not run the risk of being hypoglycemic, while far from home. Moreover, treadmill exercising improves diabetes control by improving muscle insulin sensitivity for nearly 24 to 48 hours following exercise. The reason for this is an increased glucose uptake by muscle used for muscle glycogen repletion.

Also, when more glycogen is depleted during intense or prolonged exercise, insulin sensitivity increases and remains high for a longer period of time following exercise. Treadmill exercise enhances glucose control by increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat at the same time. However, the benefits are lost rapidly if exercising is stopped. Treadmills can generally used by anyone, regardless of age, or fitness level.

As treadmill allows an individual to walk at home, it is the easy way of exercising. It occupies small space for storage. It can be easily movable from one place to another. It allows an individual to set his own speed and displays the reading on the monitor. While watching TV and listening to music also one can exercise over the treadmill. The belt system allows an individual to run or walk in the right direction. It is used in various places like home, gym, hospital, and other such places.

It is highly advisable to talk with a medical practitioner, before starting or changing any exercise program. It should be made sure that walking is correctly done. Doctors prescribing treadmill exercise usually suggest starting with a 10 per cent maximum grade, and ultimately working up to a 15 per cent grade for a more intense workout. Moreover, cushioning is important with older people, or with people having joint or orthopedic problems.

And it is important to put on proper footwear. Working on a clean and smoothly running treadmill is necessary. It is very important to remember that if a diabetic patient takes insulin, he should wait an hour after an injection before doing any form of exercise. He should also check his blood sugar level before and after exercising.

Low blood sugar training is a good idea before starting any exercise program. To avoid boredom, try CDs or tapes with good music. Also, anyone can place a mirror in front of a treadmill. This will help him work on his posture and walking technique

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