Custom Silicone Bracelets

Custom silicone bracelets can be seen on the wrist of children, teens and even adults. These wristbands have primarily become a fashion statement among teenagers. Silicone bracelets are used to promote breast cancer, advertise for businesses, music promotions, sports, or event promotion. Custom bracelets were first used by Live strong to raise funds for cancer research and awareness. Custom silicone bracelets are durable and do not break easily. A yellow wristband was used to raise funds for cancer. Since these wristbands are cheap and trendy it can be mass produced and used by endless organizations and business for advertising their product. Nowadays bracelets do not come in single colors but are of different types like debossed, embossed, glow-in-the-dark, screen printed, laser made, color-core, color filled etc.

Nowadays even in hospitals wristbands are worn. Many hospitals in Pennsylvania are using colored wristbands for patients who are facing allergic problems. Different colors are used for different allergic problems. Like pink is for restricted extremity; red means allergy; green is for latex allergy etc. Different colors are used for different purposes. Silicone wristbands are used in concerts, conventions and festivities. Nightclubs and discotheques use wristbands to control crowd and identification at the entrances.

Printed bracelets are less expensive when compared to debossed or embossed wristbands. 100 % silicone material is used. This type of bracelet does not require a mold. Instead of mold, a template is used to apply custom design onto the bracelet. Debossed bracelets are more expensive than printed or Laser made wristbands. Printed bracelets are not engraved or raised but only printed. Debossed bracelets are opposite of embossed bracelets. In debossed bracelets wordings are basically engraved and not raised. But in embossed wristbands wordings are raised and not engraved.

Wristbands are used for charity purpose also. Pink color is for breast cancer; blue for tsunami relief victims; black and white is for anti-racism. Event bracelets are used in amusement parks, night clubs, event festivals, special events, dance clubs, event festivals, community centers etc. If your company is planning for a picnic at a local park, employees and their families can be identified by issuing wristbands.

Rubber bracelets are available in single or bulk quantities with your brand name or phrase, one of the popular and easiest methods of business promotion. Wristbands can feature your company name, slogan, location, opening hours and contact details for company branding. Wristband connection is the creator of laser made silicone wristbands. Their wristbands are truly unique and are the only bands with 100% Si mark on the inside for safety, as well as guarantee of the very best quality silicone. They also provide all kinds of custom silicone bands.

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