Depression � How To Get Rid Of Depression

Practiced as long ago as the 1960’s cognitive therapy for depression has been studied by many professionals since this time, and it is still considered a very effective way to tackle the job of re-educating patients with depression, to live a much happier and productive life.

Postpartum depression is found to be even more common in those who have a history of bipolar disorder, either in themselves or someone in the family. A sick or colicky baby can add to your despair, and having a heavy load of stress in your life, along with little help from your spouse or family makes it even harder to bear.

Try to be a good listener as well as a good friend to a person who is depressed. A person who is depressed should feel that he has someone on his side. A person who is suffering from any kind of depression needs a little extra motivation. Try to push him even in getting up and coming out of bed.

When the sun shines endorphins are secreted at an increased rate and these provide for us a natural feel-good factor. When the sun doesn’t shine for days on end what can we do to recover from its loss?

There are many things which can provide a feel good factor, ranging from eating chocolate to having sex. Some of these activities are good for us whilst others may have unwanted side effects.

While there is no obvious way to force yourself to experience pleasure or feel happy, you could choose to involve yourself in activities that you used to be excited about. Choose to participate in a former hobby or sport that was once your passion. There is always room to express your creativeness through art and music. Take the opportunity to get closer to people from your support network and go out on day trips with them, be it the museum, the cinemas, the mountains or even just a stroll near a lake.

Sometimes, in the USA, as these herbal companies are not under FDA control, there may not be the right amount or the purity of the ingredients may not be up to standard. Another reason to check out the credentials of the company which ideally should have its manufacturing facility under FDA supervision at least.

It should also be following GMP standards. It is important to remember also that this type of remedy may not be suitable for cases of severe depression or for bipolar depression as they may tip the patient into a manic state. Always consult your doctor or specialist before taking these supplements but bear in mind that natural depression treatment is hardly likely to be at the top of his list.

All of my depressed friends have ONE thing in common. They never do any physical exercise or sports of any kind. Not even walking! There are so many studies which show that physical exercise can and does enhance mood by releasing.

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