Different Reasons Why A Person Suffers From An Anxiety Sleep Disorder

It is not uncommon to experience difficulties with sleeping every once in a while; but, it is only when the problem persists for a considerable period of time that it may be considered to be a sleep disorder.

When it is caused by anxiety, the problem may not be quite so simple to cure as you might have expected because anxiety sleep disorder can range from mild to very severe which can keep you from getting any sleep at all. Among the different kinds of anxiety sleep disorder, you will find one that is especially nerve wrecking and that is when you get panic disorders.

Panic Disorders

Panic disorder is a severe instance of anxiety in which the sufferer will feel that something terrible is going to happen and it is also something that can strike without giving any warning. Also, the condition is particularly devastating at night when it may even require the sufferer to be hospitalized because of its intensity, and it is in such situations, really an extreme case of anxiety sleep disorder.

Another type of anxiety sleep disorder that a person can suffer from is the one that is called post traumatic stress syndrome in which a person will feel very anxious after having had a traumatic event such as an accident, rape or even terrorist acts. Such events come to haunt the person especially in the nighttime when the person becomes most fearful and will thus have difficulty in getting any sleep.

There is also another type of anxiety sleep disorder which is the one known as obsessive-compulsive disorder in which the sufferer is obsessed with thinking about rituals that are quite uncontrollable and which persist even though the person knows that these thoughts are quite senseless. It is an instance of anxiety sleep disorder which can be attributed to feeling fear and thus a person will not get to sleep because he or she is in dread of experiencing nightmares, while it can even be due to depression turning into anxiety much as can other mental disorders.

To be able to deal with an anxiety sleep disorder, one may need to take certain steps including practicing good sleep hygiene and even attempting self hypnosis. While a hot bath before turning in for the night is also recommended though it should not be a shower that can prove to be a bit too stimulating and which could thus keep you from falling asleep. Another option available to anyone suffering from anxiety sleep disorder is to listen to soothing music while in bed and even meditation and some yoga movements can help in treating the problem. http://www.about-sleep-disorder.com/

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