Experiencing Blue Light Acne Therapy As Part Of A Facial

It is a fact that all teenagers get at least one skin imperfection during their years of puberty. There are many different causes of these skin irregularities, but much of it has to do with hormonal changes. Still, no teenager likes having to deal with pimples.

Instead of always looking for the latest over-the-counter acne products to try, teenagers (and indeed anyone else who is suffering from acne) have the option of trying blue light acne therapy. While blue light acne therapy can be done at the office of a dermatologist, there are also various spas that offer this as an option.

Being a teenager is usually something that involves a lot of stress, and it is that stress that can definitely contribute to the presence of acne. People go to a spa to relax as well as improve their skin, so it actually does not come as much of a surprise that many people prefer the spa as their location for blue light acne therapy.

So, how can this kind of therapy be beneficial to the skin? In order to understand how it all works, it is important to understand how acne is caused. When it comes to hormones, the hormone fluctuations can set off sebaceous glands. These glands produce oils in the skin, and as a result, the skin pores often become clogged, thus setting off the minor skin infection that causes acne.

Hormones are actually not the only cause of acne. The other cause has a lot to do with a person\’s cleanliness habits. For example, whenever a person sweats profusely, that person should then take a shower. If the person elects not to take a shower, the sweat and dirt from the environment end up clogging the pores.

It does not matter if one is a male or a female, spas have facials available for both. When a person enters the room for the facial, the room should be dimly lit, and soft music should be playing. Both of these elements are meant to work together to make the person relax and not think about anything stressful.

The aesthetician will then place a warm towel around the person\’s neck and shoulders, thus leaving only the face exposed. The face will then be washed, and a facial massage will be given. Believe it or not, there are many blood vessels in the face that are crucial to the body\’s overall circulation. The better the facial circulation, the better the complexion will be.

After the facial massage, a masque will be placed on the skin and left on for some minutes. The face masque is meant to draw out all of the excess dirt and oil, thereby eliminating much of the acne problems. Once this process is over, the facial will conclude with the blue light acne therapy.

As previously mentioned, in order to obtain a clear complexion, there needs to be an ample amount of blood flow in the face. The blue light is in the form of a long tube-like wand, which is waved over the face to stimulate blood flow. During that process, the person will most likely feel a bit of tingling. Once this has been completed, it is best to have the facial every few weeks until the skin becomes clear.

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