Technical Issue Of Hair Beauty

Technical part of the procedure is not very hard. It is much harder to achieve the hair color that which would go to your eyes, skin, the way you look, your lifestyle. Actually your hair color must be the basement of your exclusive style

If your skin is sheltered with freckles you should not conduct experiment with deep fair-haired or brown colors. It gives the best fit only to young girls with clean skin. The only accentuate face defects if you are older. If your skin turns red regardless of situation you should avoid red colors in you hair cut if your skin color is of a cold dimness you should choose colors like ash-grey light-colored, red wine, mahogany, and black.
If the skin has color of a peach the cold shades make your skin look pale. The shades honey blonde, deep chocolate, ginger, rusted deep-brown are the ones you should try.
It is very important to keep the right combination of the skin shade, eye and hair color. Blue eyes, light Skin – light hair. And remember, in malice of continuous advices, your impeccable inner sense of the beautiful will help you creating finished appearance.
Nervous tension, hormonal activity, thyroid problems and eating too much greasy food and chocolates are what usually cause oily hair. Slippery hair needs to be washed more often but don’t polish too hard while washing. What it will do is further exaggerate the already overactive sebaceous glands on your scalp, not to mention cause damage to the fragile follicles. And don’t quantity hairs on the head while shampooing, even though it may look great in the ads. It causes tangling, leading to further breakage. You could add lemon to the final rinse for a great shine. If you don’t have time to shampoo every few days or feel lethargic and leave it oily, your Hair won’t just look awful, but muck will get wedged under its surface causing rip apart and smash up not to mention dandruff. This will lead to skin problems such as acne on your chest, back and face. So you need to be careful about washing hair regularly, though you could condition it just twice a month. However, if your hair has been chemically treated, you should condition hair after every wash as chemical floor covering hair of its natural oils. If your hair is dry, wash it twice a week with a shampoo for dry hair, followed by a conditioner. If your scalp feels very dry and blistering, use an anti-dandruff shampoo.

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