Guidelines For Choosing Corporate Party Venues

1. When you’re researching party venues ensure you choose a location that’s convenient for all of the attendees. You need to keep in mind that those who ordinarily rely on public transportation to get to work may need to make different arrangements to get to the party, so don’t choose a venue that will be inconvenient for anyone’s journey.

2. Choose a venue that’s large enough for your workers but not so large that people are unable to see any kind of friendship or social intimacy.

3. Some corporate party venues offer specific menus for company Christmas parties. Ensure there is a variety of selections and that they meet the tastes and needs of everyone who might attend the party. The menu should be able to offer enough selections to accommodate even those who have special dietary needs or allergies.

4. Choose party venues that will be able to accommodate your variety of entertainment whether it’s music, a band or a stage act. Take the time to see the venue in person before you reserve it so you know whether it’s suitable for your needs.

5. If you’re going to serve alcoholic beverages choose those that are the most popular (beer, wine, house spirits and soft drinks) and then allow others to be paid for by attendees.

6. Attempt to choose party venues that are next to hotels for those who want to spend the night rather than driving home.

7. Ensure the venue is willing to offer non-alcoholic beverages as well as tea and coffee, at least during meal.

8. Some venues don’t serve drinks during the meal. Ensure you confirm this before you book the venue and ensure that there is sufficient wine on the tables.

9. If you have specific Christmas theme ideas for your corporate Christmas party ensure you discuss this with each of the party venues you consider. Some venues do their own decorating and are not open to those who want to offer their own theming.

Remember this is your office Christmas party and you need to ensure your workers have a good time. If there are guests from other organisations it’s crucial to create sure everything goes as planned or it can reflect negatively on you as the company’s event organiser.

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