Healthy Skin Is More Than Skin Deep

Everything about you-whether or not you exercise, whether or not you smoke, whether or not you take prescription drugs, what you eat, your emotions, your level of mental stress, and how long you are in the sun-affects the health of your skin. With that in mind, you should be good to your skin- on the inside as well as the outside.

Use a gentle cleanser and then rinse, rinse, and rinse. Failure to rinse thoroughly can lead to clogged pores. Using an alcohol free toner afterwards will ensure you get rid of all dirt, pollutants and make-up that can lead to free radical damage. Many women don’t cleanse their skin as well as they should, believing this will lead to dryness and lines, whereas it will actually give your skin a youthful glow. Never go to bed without cleansing and toning your face.

Exfoliate once a week by mixing a facial scrub into your cleanser to maximize its exfoliating effects as this removes dead surface layers of skin. Exfoliation also allows your skin to better absorb moisturizers, helping skin to stay supple and young-looking.

Moisturize with a light moisturizer during the days and a richer moisturizer in the evening when skin can really benefit from nourishing anti-aging products.

Keep a lip treatment at your sink and apply it after brushing your teeth and washing your face. This helps plump out fine lines on and around your lips.

Be weather alert – protect against extreme temperatures by supplementing regular skincare with serums and masks. Always use a sunscreen when going outdoors. You really should not use a sunscreen at night, the chemicals are not good for your skin. The benefits of sunscreen are to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Stay Young
It may sound like a tired clich, but you have to think young to stay young. Stay in touch with the world. Change your hairstyle. Listen to new music. Learn a new skill. Stretch your body and your mind. You can’t stop the clock, but you may be able to slow it down.

Parched Skin – humidify it by leaving a pan of water near heaters or air conditioners in your home and office, and open windows to let in fresh air. Try a richer moisturizer day and evening. Place a warm damp cloth over your face to open pores, this allows your skin to absorb more of the beneficial moisturizer.

Dull complextion – pour a few drops of Rooibos massage oil (fragrance free) into your hand, rub palms together and, using the pads of your fingers, stroke up and outwards from the base of your neck to your chin; continue across your cheeks and forehead. A light massage increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage. That’s why we recommend the massage method for applying all facial moisturizers. You can also “power cleanse” your skin twice a week by mixing a facial scrub into your cleanser to maximize its exfoliating effects as this removes dead surface layers of skin.

Under eye puffiness Rooibos extracts help to control under eye puffiness. Puffiness can be triggered by sinus and allergies. Use cotton pads soaked in icy-cold water to place on top of eyes for 10 minutes. If you have dry or sensitive skin, use milk. You can also use rooibos tea bags chilled.

Age spots – commonly found on the face and hands, they’re triggered by hormones and exposure to sunlight. Use sunblock on hands and face daily.

Lack of tone – try this workout: open your mouth to form a long O, repeat five times, place thumb and index fingers on top of cheeks and smile 10 times; on the 10th smile, pull upper and lower lip apart. Stick out your tongue, go ahead…try to touch your nose five times.

Sensitivity – choose your skincare and make-up products carefully. Try to find products that contain no added coloring or fragrances and have been tested on sensitive skin types with positive results.

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