How To Relief Your Depression

I’ve suffered from SAD every year since I moved to the Pacific NW 5 years ago. I don’t get really depressed anymore but I still have to deal with other symptoms like lack of energy, increased need for sleep, lowered mood, etc. It’s not fun but I’ve learned to accept it. This article will teach you how to relief depression.

First, try mood enhancing activities such as yoga, meditation, vigorous exercise. Find other activities that relax you: Massage, listening to soothing music, walking, herbal teas and baths.

Second, get as much sunlight as you can. A minimum of 15 minutes of sun exposure is required to help quell the “blues”, anxiety, or to keep depression at bay. For some, a full spectrum light box is necessary. St. John’s Wort, the herb, is useful in alleviating mild to moderate depressive symptoms. Kava kava, the herb, is useful for anxious, worrisome thoughts. Kava is also a muscle relaxant. Passionflower and chamomile, both are gentle herbs, and that soothe the irritated nervous system. Tanning beds often help wintertime blues sufferers. Epsom salt, or magnesium salt, baths help the body to get more magnesium which is required by all systems of the body to maintain balance.

Third, taken feverfew for several months, you will find it effective at reducing the frequency of migraine headache. Butterbur is also effective for migraine prevention. Cayenne pepper preparations help to soothe the pain of muscles and joints. It is often found in arthritis formulas. Wintergreen and ginger are also effective for pain relief. Epsom salt, or magnesium salt, baths soothe and relax.

Forth, consider using ephedra products. Flax and borage seed oils may help with asthma attacks. Inhaling oils of eucalyptus, and thyme may help ease asthma. Be aware of indoor air quality.

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