Lucid Dreaming Through Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are the result of sound technology that is scientifically proven reducing human brain’s electro-chemical frequencies. Regular practice of listening binaural beats soundtrack help in improving focus and concentration. Health care providers use binaural beats as a part of brainwave entrainment that renders lucid dreaming. Also, knock-on effects of brainwave entrainment include deep meditation state, sound sleep and sharper brain.

Some explain binaural beats brainwave entrainment therapy as hypnosis that comes through soundtrack. Just listening to soothing rhythmic music would help entraining the human brain that attains the lucidity by all accounts. Sound that comes from binaural beats put the listener into altered state of sub consciousness in a very short time �it does not matter whether the practitioner is new to meditation or master.

The human brain produces various electro-chemical frequencies when it is partially or fully active. Each of this electro-chemical frequency reflects the state of the brain it is going through. Said this, when the brain is depressed, frequencies would change all way as compared to the brain that is calm and peaceful. Binaural beats, as mentioned earlier, is typical sound wave that the human subconscious brain grasps. This means that if we know the frequencies of human brain when it is calmed and resting, we can put this into binaural beats and listen to it anytime we want. This further means that while in aggression, tension or depression, listening to specially woven brainwaves frequencies in sound can make us calmer in minutes that no other technique or treatment can do this fast.

Sleeplessness or insomnia is one of the most common disorders these days. Modern medicines for this problem, on the other hand, are known more for their unwanted side-effects than effects. That is why, binaural beats rhythmic sound has become popular and hundreds of thousands of people are now going through brainwave entrainment therapy as available on

Let us quickly learn what a listener can expect while sleeping from properly plugged binaural beats:-

1.Practitioner’s mind becomes calmer and there’s a deep feeling of relaxation.

2.Listener may feel clear detachment of conscious and subconscious brain

3.There is a total relief from tension, depression and anxiety.

4.There could be different types of visualizations with various color shades and patterns.

5.After some days of binaural beats practice, the listener may feel natural sedation and total microgravity

Listening to binaural beats is completely safe as it does not produce any harmful effects in the body. Also, it does not require any software, special hardware or other instruments. Unlike modern medicines, binaural beats woven with optimized, motivating and inspiring subliminal messages can do wonders without affecting the human body organs negatively. Not only sleeplessness, but brainwave entrainment is useful to overcome number of issues such as depression, phobias, fears, social aloofness, low self-esteem, dullness and laziness, dull memory, lack of concentration and focus, headaches (of different kinds including migraine) and pains and sprains etc. Practicing brainwave entrainment is not so hard. All you need to do is just plug in and enjoy the world of relaxation.

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