Information About Meditation And Its Benefits

What is Meditation? The practice of relaxing the mind and your body. The benefits are countless, including improvement of general health, increased concentration, a deeper level of relaxation, reduced anxiety, and so many more. Many physicians have recognized the scientific benefits of meditation and are including it as a routine prescription for many of their patients these days

Meditation is simple and easy and does not necessarily take up a lot of your time. It can be done anywhere, any time and for any duration. If you are on a train and have a few minutes to spare, doing a few minutes of meditation can leave you feeling refreshed, recharged and calm when you reach your destination.

Meditation is a voluntary exercise to sharpen your awareness and releasing painful and mental habits. These exercises are useful no matter what is your religion or orientation. Meditation is simply an exercise, but an exercise to relax your mind and body. To get full benefit from meditation you should meditate 45 minutes to 1 hour, but for beginners you should start with 5 minutes. When you feel comfortable, you should increase the minutes. Some days you might feel like meditating longer or some days you want to meditate shorter.

Meditation is the means of gaining discipline. And if you realize that discipline is important in business, that you should give the example. This doesn’t mean that you need to drag your little carpet with you each day and meditate for five minutes in a lost moment. It does mean however, that you should know where you are talking about.

To make progress in meditation it is important to meditate at least once a day. If you are inspired then it is good to meditate 3 times a day. Regularity is very important for increasing your meditation capacity. Some people may say it is very hard to find time in a busy day to meditate. However if you really value something then you will find time. 3 times a day we find time to feed the body. We should also feel the necessity of feeding our soul, our inner being. If we value meditation then we will not want to miss our regular period of silence.

Whatever form of meditation you choose, it is important to remember that music to meditate by should be simple, calm, soothing and peaceful. It should induce feelings of inner peace and help you to focus. Loud music to meditate by is destructive and unproductive. It is distracting and creates feelings of chaos. The most popular musical instruments associated with meditation include the sitar, flute, Tibetan singing bow and the tambora.

The benefits of meditation are immense. Practising meditation regularly has been shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Living a calmer life allows you to live longer and more happily, you look younger than your years, and you are much more able to cope with life’s inevitable setbacks and difficulties.

Meditation has also been shown to increase alpha brainwaves. Alpha brainwaves are the type of brainwaves used in creativity and problem solving. The more you meditate the more creative you will become which could lead to both personal and professional breakthroughs.

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