Look Forward To Your First Massage.

Nervous about having your first massage? I bet you are. Not to worry, the majority of people are nervous about new experiences if they don’t know much about it. You may have researched massage and found the answer to all your questions but just in case you didn’t I will try to answer them in this article. Things like, do I have to take all my clothes off, will it hurt or do I have to talk all of the time. A good massage is a wonderful experience and one to be repeated many times, so don’t let unanswered questions put you off.

The massage therapist will need to know your medical history, what problems you have and even what problems you have had in the past. The therapist will need to know if there is any specific medical condition that has brought you to them or if you just need a relaxing massage. Even if you only want a relaxing massage they will need to know your medical history to make sure that all the techniques they use are suitable for you. If you start to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed you need to tell your massage therapist so that they can rectify the problem if possible.

While questioning you about your health the massage therapist should also explain the procedure he or she will be using. They should ask you about your sensitivity to determine how deep the massage should be. If you are treating a sore area you may find the massage slightly uncomfortable but otherwise you should not feel pain or discomfort during the massage.

Most massage therapist will ask you to undress down to your underwear, it is possible for some techniques to be done over clothing but for most naked skin is best. For women when it comes time for your back to be massaged (if having a full body massage) you will be lying on your stomach, the therapist will unclasp your bra and your are arms eased out while you are still lying on your stomach. All exposed areas not being massaged should be covered with warm towels or a sheet. At no time should you be uncomfortable or embarrassed, if you are do let the massage therapist know.

Your massage therapist will give you privacy to undress and provide you with a sheet or towel to drape over you, both for warmth and privacy. At no time should you feel embarrassed and if you do please inform the therapist.

The massage table will probably be padded and bolsters or rolled towels will be used to get you into a comfortable position for your massage. Sometimes when people are lying on their back they can get backache this can be prevented just by putting a pillow, bolster or rolled towel under their knees. At times the therapist will ask you to move position so that they can reach different areas, if having a full body massage you will spend time on both your back and your front so that all areas can be massaged. Remember unless you tell your therapist that you are cold, uncomfortable or embarrassed they do not know, so do speak up and let them know how you are doing.

Depending on where the massage is being performed and the amount of time available the therapist may dim the lights, play soft music and even light candles.

To reduce friction when having a massage oils are used, some therapists will add essential oils to a base oil to suit whatever condition you have. If your massage therapist does use essential oils ask which they have used so that you can let them know if you are allergic to any of them, a good therapist will ask you about any allergies you have to oils anyway. After your massage you will be left on the massage couch covered with a warm towel for ten minutes or so, this should soak up any oil residue left on you skin. Although the massage oils should not stain clothing it is best not to wear your best clothes when going to see a massage therapist.

If you prefer not to talk during your massage you should mention that to the therapist. They will still need to ask you to shift from time to time or ask if the procedure is comfortable but you do not have to converse if you prefer not to.

A good massage therapist should make you feel comfortable enough to ask any questions you have about the procedure and respect your privacy and level of comfort while treating you. Ask for recommendations and meet with the therapist to discuss their methods before booking your appointment.

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