Massage In London is London based service with a difference to the rest. We are proud of what we do and we have a rapidly growing list of very happy customers. If you want a massage London is a great place to get one – just try us and see.
As you would expect, our therapists are qualified, experienced, insured and great at doing massages. however, before hiring them we also make absolutely sure they are happy, easy going therapists with a friendly personality so that you enjoy both their touch and their company. we believe there’s no point doing a great massage if the client feels uncomfortable or bored – so don’t be surprised if you end up making friends with one of our therapists!
On Time
We pride ourselves on being one of the quickest and most reliable mobile London massage services. we promise to give you an honest expected time of arrival and if unexpected travel delays occur, your therapist will send you a text message to keep you informed about arrival time, so you are not left in the dark. if we are late our therapist will always give you an extra few minutes of massage for free at the end if you want it. we’re here to de-stress not stress you!
Good Value
At only 50 per hour and with great service, we believe we offer one of the best value mobile outcall massages London has to offer. our most popular bookings are 90 minutes and 2 hours. look out for our special offers which we sometimes have – you’ll find them throughout our website.
We don’t believe in short changing our clients so we promise your session timing will only start when your therapist’s hands touch your body and will end when her hands leave you. often you’ll even get just a little bit longer because our therapists love massage and are not clock-watchers.
We offer an innovative range of therapeutic mobile massage treatments which are a refreshing change from the traditional therapies and at least as good for you. forget about synthesised waterfall background music and instead try one of our great lomi massages to the deeply relaxing chill-out beats of our special CD which your therapist will bring with her to your mobile massage. or if you feel like it put on your own favourite dance track and blast it as loud as you like! all from the comfort of your own home.
we only use high quality almond and grapeseed oils. please inform your therapist if you have any skin allergies and she will ensure the best product is used for you. none of the nasty cheap stuff is used here – we want to soothe you, not abuse you!
London Massages
We believe we have some of the best massages London has to offer. you will find many companies offering mobile massage in London – just type ‘london massage’ or ‘massages london’ into Google and you’ll see what we mean. we’re happy for you to try out the competition and then try us. we are confident you’ll join our growing list of happy regular customers! please note that Londoners want everything now, now, now, so in order to get to you as quickly as possible and economically, our therapists travel by public transport. this means they generally do not carry a massage table with them and will perform your treatment on your bed or the floor, whichever you prefer. they are very good and experienced in this and most of our customers tell us they much preferred it to being on a thin sticky couch! however, if you absolutely must have a massage table, we can bring one … just please let us know well in advance and we’ll send a therapist with a table.
Where is The Massage Rooms?
We offer an outcall massage service, so our therapists come to you. why did we name ourselves The Massage Rooms if there is no actual Massage Room? because our ambition is to massage London all over and create a massage room wherever our clients are. if you have never had a home massage before you must try it to believe it. we bring the massage room to your home, hotel or office – it makes life easy for you.

We are a team of Female Therapists fully trained and qualified with WAT PO, BTCT, ITEC, etc. Some of us have more than 8 years experience and were working in the most luxurious hotels and spas in all over the world. All of them were travelling around the world learning different massage techniques.

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