Music’ A Way To Natural Healings

The art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds to produce beauty of listening and feeling harmony with expression of

emotions is known as music’.

Whenever a person feels happy, sad or off moods they want to enjoy music. Listening music gives them a sense of pleasure a

link between music with his her own emotions and situations. There are verities of music just like moods and various

characters in the society.

Psychological studies says, listening music on different occasions have a strong relations with our well-being and general

health in all age groups from a new born baby to the older aged people . India is large country where lots of culture and

traditions have been accustomed. People from the past many a times have already fixed many traditional songs which have to

play on each occasion in a compulsory mode like on birth celebrations, wedding ceremony etc. Thus we can listen and enjoying

good music improves human life.

Benefits of Listening to Music may conclude as follows:-

1. Natural Pain Killer: It can divert attention from our day to day worries and problems. And makes us happy and encourages

relaxation. It helps in reducing mental pain and thus made us relaxed and work as natural pain killer.

2. Reduces anxiety: if a person is feeling regular disturbed attitude due to some mental pressure, conflicts in mind, social

circle or official environment often felt dejected and full of anxiety. Then study says that listening music with moods can

controls this upset feelings.

3. Heart benefits: Listening music also helps to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure. As a result of a lower blood

pressure, it also reduces the risk of stroke and other health problems over the times. In a new Italian study, researchers

found that people with mild hypertension (high blood pressure) if listened to classical, Celtic or Indian (raga) music for

just 30 minutes a day for one month shows significant reductions in their blood pressure controls.

4. Arouse brains cells: fast beats brings sharper concentration and more alertness in their fast thinking capacity. While,

listening classical music improves ability to focus for longer time and promotes a peace of mind or meditative state.

5. Boosts exercise effects: Listening to music while you exercise will impact in positive way on your exercise results. Music

diverts your attention in repetitive exercises thus the feeling of exhaustion and monotony can stopped. Music can energize

you to increase your performance.

6. Helpful in getting sound sleep: Listening music when we drift off ensures for a relaxed night sleep after listening some

good music. Good Sleep retains your healthy mental and physical state as it takes away the effects of stress, depression and

anxiety from a person.

7. Increases optimism: Depression leads to weakness, headache, confusion, and loss of concentration. Listing good music is

helpful to bring more positive state of mind, and keep depression at bay. Good music also mesmerizes your older days of

various happenings. It also increases self-esteem and self-confidence. At any moment of your work schedule.

8. Creates good social circle: Music is a great way to mix with people who shares the similar passion. It helps you to meet

new people in some party, makes you socialize and give you a sense of belonging with them.

9. Encourages spiritual health: There is a unique connection between music and spirituality. Chanting or some kind of music

helps people in worshiping peacefully throws a way which takes you closer to the god.

How to get soft lips?

Only Healthy lips help you to smile in best way. Thus it becomes essential to keep some good tips in mind about how to get

flawless lips.

1. Lots of fresh water consumption is beneficial. Taking fresh and juicy fruits and salads are also advisable to include in

your diet plan. Water helps in keeping your lips hydrated and wet.

2. Avoid using any lip balms with phenol, lanolin and anything with a fragrance. Such balms can cause irritations to the


3. Never forget to apply a lip balm or beet root juice before bed.

4. A dark and creamy lipstick also helps to protect lips from the sun burnt or bad atmosphere effects on the lips.

5. Foods rich in vitamin B are advisable, such as whole grains and nuts. Lack of vitamin B leads to chapped lips.

6. You can grind rose petals and apply on lips to get smooth pink lips.

7. To exfoliate the dead, dry skin on your lips every night by gently wiping them with a tooth brush or by use of Vaseline.

8. Create a mixture of equal parts of tomato paste with milk cream, and apply to lips daily. Apply natural lemon juice to

dark lips to lighten them.

9. Create an intense hydration masque for your lips by mixing up a small amount of equal parts petroleum jelly and honey that

can be applied to your lips. This natural mixture will seal in moisture and help to protect your lips. Apply this treatment

before going to bed.

10. Get rid of smoking or being in the habit of taking Tobacco (gutka) etc. it gives tremendous bad effects on your lips.

Lauki juice benefits in our day to day are as follows:

Properties wise Bottle gourd is low in calories with some fats contents in them. It is also rich in iron and vitamin C or B

complex. It has sodium of 1.8mg per 100gm and 87 mg of potassium that makes it idle vegetable for hypertensive patients.

People with digestive problems, diabetics and convalescents can use luaki juice on everyday basis.

It also helps in correct the various urinary disorders. It serves as an alkaline mixture for treating burning sensations in

urinary passage due to high acidity or gastric disorder in stomach.

A glassful of fresh lauki juice mixed with teaspoonful of lime juice should include in daily diet. It also treats in

breaking of calculus (stones) in body.

It is a good nutritional drink in treating various liver problems naturally.

Helpful in keeping the good conditions of your hair. A glass of bottle gourd is sufficient to retain the natural black hair

from premature grey hair.

Mixture of bottle gourd juice with sesame oil acts as an effective medicine for insomnia. It should be massaged over scalp

every night. The juice is useful in treating insanity, epilepsy & other nervous diseases.

Regular drinking of bottle gourd juice also helps in controlling blood pressure and several other heart diseases.

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