Official Pinoy Music Lives On

TorrentsHQ is one of the fastest torrent search engine today that allows you to download mp3 music, videos, games and many more. TorrentsHQ music torrents and music video download on OPM provide you the latest Filipino stuff on the web. OPM will continually touch the hearts of Pinoy anywhere in the world, reminding them that Filipinos have magnificent talents and skills especially on music.

Official Pinoy Music or OPM is a special genre of music covers Filipino written composition and songs; it includes revival songs sung by different Filipino artists. TorrentsHQ music torrents allow you to listen and enjoy OPM timeless songs. OPM proves that Filipinos is filled with God-given talents especially when it comes to music. OPM bears out to everybody that Filipino music is appreciated and acknowledged no matter what.

TorrentsHQ music video download of OPM is very suitable for anyone who wants to see their favorite Pinoy artists on their music videos. OPM music videos are usually funny under pop genre and it only proves that Filipinos are indeed the happiest race in the world.

The all-time OPM songs that are considered timeless and are very popular in the country includes Friend of Mine sung by Odette Quesada, Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang composed by Ogie Alcasid, Tell Me performed by Joey Albert and many more. These popular OPM songs can be downloaded through TorrentsHQ mp3 torrents.

OPM love songs dominate most of Filipinos’ heart because Pinoys are known to be romantic people and soft-hearted race. Most Filipinos enjoy the melancholic sound and smooth stroke on love songs. Now, you could listen and indulge on the sweet OPM love songs through TorrentsHQ music torrents.

Aside from OPM love songs, Filipinos are also excellent in bringing out alternative and pop-rock music. Bands such as Hale, Cueshe, Bamboo and 6-Cyclemind are one of the best bands in the Philippines currently. Moreover, Rivermaya and Eraserheads are the two legendary bands in the country and have won several music awards through the years. Through TorrentsHQ mp3 torrents and music video download, you could get hold of these popular OPM bands.

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