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Dear Friend,
If you snore, or live with a person that snores, then you already know how disruptive snoring can be. It can rob you of a good night’s sleep, make you tired and irritable, and even become a barrier to intimacy and affection.
For me, living with a snorer was pure hell. For years my husband’s snoring drove me insane. From the minute in his head hit the pillow, until the moment our alarm started buzzing, he snored as loud as a freight train.
Of course, during the first few years I coped with it, and was a tolerant loving wife, but day after day my irritation and anger deepened and his snoring, became as annoying as a constant itch.
And,it wasn’t long before my frustrations affected other parts of our life, such as our vacations, our sleeping arrangements, and even our sex drive.
Sure, I can laugh about it now, because everything has changed – but at the time I couldn’t wait to get away from him, just to get a quiet and relaxing good night’s sleep.
So, if this sounds familiar, and you’re dealing with the same snoring annoyances, then I can confidently say: There’s help for you too!
So, sit up straight, grab a cup of coffee to perk up and I’ll show you how to deal with snoring once and for all without taking drugs, having to wear strange contraptions, or leaving your partner’s bed.
If You Snore Now, It’s only
Going To Get Much Worse!
Whether you snore a little or a lot, snoring is taking its toll on your body.
In addition to being sleepy and perhaps more accident prone, there is growing evidence that snoring affects our health. In fact, Hungarian researchers have suggested that heavy snorers are at a significantly higher risk of developing acute cardiovascular problems.
And, according to Press TV, the Journal Sleep reported that loud snorers are 34% more prone to developing a heart attack, and 67% more prone to a stroke.
Furthermore, a report from the University of California School of Dentistry found that 21% of men who snore had hardened blockages in there carotid arteries. (Carotid arteries carry oxygen to the brain.)
So you see, even more important than the relationship problems and social embarrassment that snoring causes. Snoring can also be a health risk. And you (or your snoring partner) need something better than a patched up solution.
Because, as people age, throat muscles relax (like our other body parts) which increases snoring. And, as people gain weight, fatty deposits can narrow their throat, so it’s harder to breathe and people snore more.
That’s why snoring may start at mid-life and gradually worsens as we age because the more relaxed the muscles are, the more they vibrate. And, it’s that vibration which is loud and disturbing.
All the more reason you need a solution that’s
100% natural
Strengthens you physically
Relaxes and distress you
Shows quick results
And, as simple as this is going to sound, or as skeptical as you may feel, the truth is: you can stop snoring by doing a few simple exercises that take about 3 minutes a day.
It’s easy to stop snoring when you know
exactly what to do
And in a minute, I’ll show you one of our jaw strengthening exercises to try out for yourself, but before I do let me quickly explain how these exercises were developed, and what makes them so effective.
You see, other than living with a snoring husband, I’m also a teacher at a high school for performing arts, in Texas. And, one of close friends teaches music at the same school. She does vocal training for aspiring singers.
One evening she came to my home to drop off some teaching materials, and my husband was already in bed, snoring loudly.
So loud in fact that I was a little embarrassed about it, but she didn’t mind. She just listened to the snoring with a perplexed look on her face. Then she said, Your husband has a ‘lazy’ soft palate.
Of course, I had no idea what she was talking about, but as she explained and it made perfect sense.
You see, snoring is the sound made when soft palate and other loose tissue in the throat vibrates when a person breathes in. If a person has obstructions in the nose or throat they tend to breathe stronger – and the more labored the breath the more the loose tissue vibrates.
Some obstructions include: large tonsils or adenoids, a particularly narrow throat, nasal polyps, a deviated septum as well as nasal congestion due to a cold or allergy. Snoring also occurs when the base of the tongue flops back across the throat, and even vibrates itself.
So similar to voice training, she thought that if my husband strengthened the muscles in his throat, tongue and larynx, his snoring should decrease. And, if my husband was interested, we could test out her theory with a few exercises.
Well, let me just say: Those exercises worked wonders!
Each week my husband’s snoring became lighter and lighter. After about 2 weeks, we were sharing the same bed again, and in less than 2 months we were both sleeping like babies.
Of course, after a night out at the pub he still snores a bit, but nothing like the way he used to.(Generally when people drink alcohol it relaxes their throat, so it vibrates.)
But, by and large, the exercises she recommended cleared up my husband’s airways and strengthened his throat and tongue muscles. So at night they didn’t vibrate as much, or so loudly.
In fact, his results were so impressive that we felt others could benefit, so we teamed together. I researched as much as I could about snoring, and my friend spoke with doctors and voice specialists to fine tune the exercises, so they’d target more specific areas, much faster.
And after testing it on more than 100 people, we felt that our program was ready to share with others, like you. See for yourself
Try out this jaw strengthening exercise
The best way to see how simple these exercises are is to try one out.
So here’s an exercise that helps to loosen your jaw – because tight or clenched jaws are considered one of the leading causes of snoring.
This exercise takes only a minute, but before you’re done, you should feel your jaw muscles strengthen and the back of your mouth opening up.
1.Start by lining up your upper and lower molars and put them together, very lightly.

2.Now imagine your molars are like a hinge (similar to your door). Lower your jaw while keeping your molars together and your lips closed. Open and close your lower jaw about 20 times.

See how easy they can be?

And, this is just one of the 24 exercises we’ve developed to stop people from snoring. Each exercise is designed to strengthen a specific area – turning relaxed, weaker muscles that block your airways and flap like a flag into toned and well-controlled muscles.
It’s a natural, non-evasive approach to
Instead of the risk of removing those weaker muscles during surgery, or by pushing them aside with uncomfortably dangerous devices you must wear in your mouth try exercising first.
And, since snoring occurs from a combination of loose tissue and obstruction, you may need to tone, tighten and strengthen a variety of areas. That’s why our program is so effective.
This program will
Strengthen your tongue: You get exercises that will strengthen your tongue so it stops it from falling back into your throat (which is a very common cause for snoring and an unhealthy and dangerous way of breathing.)
Expand your throat: Discover an exercise which opens your airway, so you don’t have to breathe so strongly when sleeping. (Another common cause of snoring.)
Unblock your nasal passages: Take a quick test to see if your passages are blocked. If they are, do these 2 exercises to unblock you passages and breathe easier.
Free your airways: Strengthen your weak tongue, throat, or jaw to eliminate your snoring for good.
In total, you get 24 powerful exercises specifically designed to cure snoring.
Of course, it’s not necessary to do all 24 each day – but you will have to do a handful of them regularly. You’ll be able to quickly narrow down the exercises that benefit you the most, and only spend 3 to 5 minutes a day doing them.
Plus, each exercise is available on audio, so you can download the audio’s for easy to follow guidance, instead of trying to remember how they are done.
But, more than just exercises, with this
program you also get
Self-diagnoses tool: In about 2 minutes you’ll be able to easily identify your unique snoring problems, so you can focus on the exercises that are best for you.
Customize a step-by-step program: You’ll be able to create a program that treats YOUR individual causes for snoring and monitors your improvements.
Discover how to change the way you breathe: 5 simple to follow techniques that will remove tension, and your tension causing headaches.
Discover the 2 best sleeping positions for snorers: Sleep in these positions, and you’ll snore much less.
Learn how to position your pillows: With 3 extra pillows you can instantly open up your airways, and reduce your snoring tonight even before you’ve done a single exercise.
How to unclamp your neck muscles: A simple way to release mental tension, as well as your snoring.
Plus, you’ll
Discover the danger of mouth devices: How they only cover up your problems and put you at risk. Plus, as you and your muscles age, they’ll loosen even more and your snoring will only worsen.
Discover why your “soft palate” really vibrates: The soft palate is that small, soft hanging tissue in the back of your mouth. Learn more about it and you’ll better control it, and eliminate your snoring.
How to completely open up your throat: Discover a way to yawn that can give you a better night’s sleep. So simple, yet so effective. (You can do it while watching TV.)
This comprehensive Stop Snoring Program provides full, easy to follow explanations and illustrations to make sure every exercise is done properly.
Exercises so powerful, yet so effective that you’ll notice a difference within a couple of days, and cure your snoring in as little as 4 weeks! (These exercises can even treat a serious snoring disorder like “sleep apnea – but do consult your doctor first.)
Forget surgery, pills, creams, sprays, clips or neck devices. Most of these solutions are expensive, and only provide a solution that targets a single obstruction or loose muscle whereas our exercises allow you to target all problem areas.
Just Imagine!
Sleeping straight through the night !
Not having to leave your partner’s bed !
Waking up refreshed and reenergized !
Eliminating the frustration of waking up grumpy when rolled over !
Being able to share accommodations without embarrassment !
Never robbing your roommates of a good night’s sleep, again !
Avoiding surgery, implants or uncomfortable snoring devices.
If you could stop snoring for good, how would your life improve? How would your family feel? How much stronger would you be physically, mentally and emotionally?
If you do these exercises for 3 to 5 minutes a day, in less than 4 weeks you could be waking up with the most incredible smile on your face.

You’ll watch your relationships strengthen, your moods improve, and even enhance your health.
Let’s face it!
30% of people over 30 snore, 40% for those who are middle-aged. (Source: British Medical Journal, 1997)
2 out of 3 partnered adults have a partner who snores. (Source National Sleep Foundation’s 2005 poll)
Almost 85% of snorers exceed 38 decibels, which is equivalent to the noise of light highway traffic. (Source: HealthEast and the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic)
And, that’s exactly why this unique program was created.
For years, I suffered through the roar of my husband’s snoring – and, most days I was frustrated, tired and resentful.
Don’t let that anger and frustration affect your life.
If you snore, or if you are living with someone who does, these exercises can dramatically help you regain your life.
But, the only way to get this powerful program and cure your snoring once and for all is to order now.
Thinks about the alternatives, surgery can cost you thousands, nose clips and mouth or throat devise are uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous, not to mention expensive and often ineffective.
This Stop Snoring Program is way more than 24 simple exercises – it’s a comprehensive, step-by-step program that if followed regularly can cure snoring, once and for all.
It’s jam-packed with exercises, as well as snoring techniques, tips and strategies that can save you a ton of stress, aggravation and sleepless nights.
In fact, almost every day I hear from people who have used this program and achieved remarkable results.
Don’t let your frustrations and skepticism of the unknown stop you from improving your life.
With this Stop Snoring Program you’ll have an easy-to-follow program that’s can be customized to your unique physical snoring problems. And, you’ll be given everything you need to take control of your snoring, and ultimately your life.
After reviewing just a small handful of these exercises, I guarantee you’ll be telling all your family and friends how great this program really is.
Don’t believe me? Check out how impressed other satisfied ex-snorers are about this program.
I’ve been on your program for about 7 days, and I think it’s great! I’m not cured yet, but the exercises are easy and I seem to be snoring much less already. Thank so much.
– Rob Barnes (San Francisco)
I can already feel an improvement. And my wife has come back to bed.
– Clinton Waysley (New Jersey)

I bought you program for my husband. Although I have to remind him to do his exercises, we are both very impressed with how much you’ve helped us.
– Sara Campbell
Last year I felt helpless and hopeless. My snoring was driving my wife to divorce, and we were both miserable. I do your exercises faithfully and have seen wonderful results. Thank you!
– Melanie DeJong (Miami)

Answer this: How important is your
health and happiness? And don’t you
believe it’s worth improving?
Remember, purchasing Stop Snoring Program at

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