Positive Cultural And Spiritual Expression Through Organic Hip Hop.

While evolving within a highly controversial and revolutionary genre in music today,
Organic hip hop has become the vanguard for positive
cultural and spiritual expression around the globe.

For the uninitiated, it may seem unclear as to how Organic
hip hop is being used to create socially therapeutic
listening experiences for audiences. However, virtually any
music lover could testify as to how purely emotional their
experiences can be while listening to their favorite songs
from any genre. Take the euphoric melodies of your typical
Organic hip hop songs and mix them with those beats &
uplifting lyrical messages. Now you have a recipe for an
uplifting and motivational listening experience.

The signature ingredient in Organic hip hop is its lyrical
promotion of social responsibility together with rhyme as a
form of art. Lyrical affirmations of self-respect, mutuality
and community effectively replace society??s oppression,
depression and out-right pressures to conform.

Today, communities across the country and around the world
are in need of Organic hip hop more than ever. Children are
shooting each other in schools. Children are lost to being
raised by social service systems. Children are giving birth
to children. Organic hip hop will always be culturally and
spiritually relevant because that is where the relief is
needed most. Organic hip hop??s global relevance is rooted in
its signature ingredient: a collective affirmation of social
responsibility, self-respect and mutuality within local and
global communities alike.

In a world plagued by a variety of social epidemics, Organic
hip hop provides an urgent social alternative for our
impressionable youth as well as our seasoned contemporaries.

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